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Car Rental Travel In Rwanda

4 Tips for Safer Car Rental Travel in Rwanda during the rainy season

Rwanda has two climatic conditions (wet season and dry season). The two are all regarded as okay for travel. However, the rainy season can be tricky for foreign travelers who are unfamiliar with the roads. During the rainy season, the roads are more treacherous than ever. The rain and fog allow losing control and grip. Luckily, when you prepare well and get some smart driving tips, you can be safe during your Car Rental Travel in Rwanda. So, before you go for your next road trip around Rwanda, read these tips.

Check the Weather

Before you set off for your journey, look at the weather forecaster on your smartphone. If the weather seems to be harsh, it is best to stay put in your plans. Even if you need to travel at that time, knowing what the weather would be like will make you get prepare properly for your self-drive trip.

Additionally, get to know the travel and road conditions. It may have stopped raining but the roads are slippery. There could be traffic congestion or an accident would have happened on one of the routes you would be taking. The road conditions greatly affect the speed limit to use on a certain road. Prepare for such travel conditions correspondingly.

Adjust Driving Style

Adjusting your driving style is the most important act to do on a rainy day. When the road is risky due to the climate or other instances, you must reduce the speed. Even if it is not the issue, it is a great act to drive at a moderate speed in a foreign country like Rwanda and especially when you have just hired a car.  always leave some reasonable distance when driving on a wet day. During such conditions, braking tends to be difficult, the road is greasy and slippery, and you can easily slide off the road. Remember Rwanda is a hilly country, you might find yourself down in the trench before even you know it. Drive as slowly as possible so that you have better control and traction of the rental car.

Get tools

One of the things, you must insist on when Car Rental Travel in Rwanda during the rainy season is the toolbox and first aid box. The toolbox must have a wheel spanner and jack for tire replacement. There is a higher likelihood of getting a puncture on a rainy day. A spade and a small hoe must also come in hand, they are lifesavers when the car gets stuck in the mud.

Additionally, ensure that a car rental Rwanda has a first aid box and a fire extinguisher for injuries and combustion respectively.

Keep Warm

Keeping warm on a rainy day is more vital than just comfort. Dressing for the weather can aid you to drive more safely. Wear gloves to keep your hands warm so that they don’t get paralyzed while driving. You should also wear a sweater during the rainy weather. However, keep in mind that the inside of the car can get hot after heating for some good time. Plan to take it off when the atmosphere gets hot.

Pack a blanket that can be used for the kids in case you are traveling with family. Ensure that the air conditioning system works well and remember to turn on the hot air during the wet season.

The above tips will aid you to travel more safely during rainy weather. It is simple to find yourself not ready for a heavy downpour. Anticipating the issue and preparing your Car Rental Travel in Rwanda for a rainy day is a great idea.

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