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4 Tips To Select Vehicle For Self Drive Rwanda

4 Tips to Select Vehicle for Self Drive Rwanda

Travelling around Rwanda from one place to another became easy ever since the emergency of self drive car rental services. However, selecting the right vehicle for self drive Rwanda is a task, you have to be keen on. Here are the 4 Tips to Select Vehicle for Self Drive Rwanda.

It is not a walk in a park, you have to be careful and also seek some advice from experienced travellers and the internet to make the right decision. Selecting the right vehicle is fundamental to having a successful self drive trip in Rwanda. Remember, the rental car is the means of transport that leads you to the various tourist destinations to visit.  How can you have an exciting and wonderful tour if you have had a bad day along the way?

Therefore, the 4 tips to select a vehicle for a self drive Rwanda we are about to list below are the right call for travellers who wish to take on a self guided trip to the land of a thousand hills.

Outline your needs

When planning any trip, there are certain objectives you wish to attain during and after the experience.

It is very important to know the purpose of your trip is it a business tour, a group trip, a dual tour or sole travel. All those kinds of travel ventures call for different vehicles to hire. For instance, a safari van is perfect for a group tour and a Toyota land cruiser V8 is great for a business engagement. For couple or sole travel, a Toyota Rav4 and land cruiser Prado TX are sufficient for self drive travel.  By defining your needs, you will also know which kind of vehicle suits your budget.

Know the size of the vehicle

The size of the vehicle you wish to travel by during your self drive Rwanda is very important. Some of you, travellers feel comfortable moving with a big large vehicle on a holiday as you wish to have most of the utilities or items you use in your daily life. For that case, you will look at the size of the vehicle and a spacious car with a big trunk will suit your self drive Rwanda. We would advise you to hire a sport utility vehicle like a land cruiser.  The size of the vehicle also comes into play because of the different tastes and preferences of clients. Certain clients enjoy driving compact vehicles while others are comfortable with big cars.

Find out the price of the rental vehicle

We are all price-sensitive and the price is the main factor why we settle for something and leave out others.  Try as much as possible to find out the price of the vehicle you wish to hire for a self drive Rwanda. Book a vehicle that fits into your travel budget. Don’t be hesitant to request for discount on the rental package. Negotiate with the car rental operator in Rwanda until you find the right price to hire a vehicle.

Read and Understand the terms and conditions

Before you put pen to paper to reserve a rental vehicle with an operator, first read the terms and conditions of renting a car. Cross every t and put a dot on every i and ask in case you have not understood a certain clause because once you violate any clause in the contract, you will have to pay a premium fee.

Know The Insurance Cover of the rental car

Look at the insurance policy of the rental car you are willing to hire. Ensure that the cover is comprehensive consisting of a third party, collision damage and theft. Contact us for any information about the 4 Tips to Select Vehicle for Self Drive Rwanda.

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