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4x4 Self Drive Rwanda

With Kigali Car Rentals, you can hire a cheap 4×4 Car for your self drive adventure in Rwanda, or Uganda and beyond. Our 4×4 Self Drive Rwanda Car rental extends to neighbouring countries. Plan your Rwanda car hire with Kigali Car Rentals and Get your discount on long term car hire in Rwanda. With a Rwanda car rental from us, you will be assured of getting the best Car hire service in Rwanda with our 24 hour Road assistance at no extra cost.

Do you have a specific rental car in mind? or simply just prefer to rent a certain type of car, we have a good Rwanda Car hire fleet with vehicles ready for hire in Rwanda. Browse through our 4×4 Car hire fleet and make the perfect choice for you Rwanda Adventure.

Our 4x4 Fleet for Self Drive in Rwanda

Kigali Car Rentals has build a reputation for providing quality and efficient Rwanda car hire services. We are a renowned as Rwanda car hire agency offering the most affordable Car hire in Rwanda with perfectly maintained cars for hire in Rwanda. Our 4×4 Self Drive Rwanda fleet is consisting of Toyota Rav4s, 4×4 Prado Landcruisers, 4×4 Camper Vehicles and 4×4 Luxury cars such as Toyota Landcruisers V8, Mercedes Benzs, and BMW cars.

4x4 self drive rwanda

4x4 Toyota Rav4

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4x4 Prado Landcruisers

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4x4 Camper Vehicles

Why 4×4 Cars for Self Drive?

At Kigali Car Rentals we offer discounted prices on all our 4×4 Cars for Self Drive to make it easy as never before in order to make your car hire experience in Rwanda better and enjoyable with affordable rates and very convenient 4×4 rentals you will never find anywhere else in Kigali and throughout the region.

Kigali Car Rentals is a reputable 4×4 self drive Rwanda car rental company and best Kigali car hire. Depending on your needs and things to do in Rwanda. We have compared the most popular 4×4 car rentals for you.

If you want to see all that Kigali and maybe even the rest of Rwanda offers, you’re going to need unlimited miles. You won’t have to worry about extra charges if you decide to drive all over a “Thousand Hills country“, Rwanda.

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