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6 Things To Consider Before Driving A Rental Vehicle In Rwanda

6 Things to Consider Before Driving a Rental Vehicle in Rwanda

Driving a car in Rwanda while exploring its tourist sites renders immense excitement and rewards. You have the freedom to book any vehicle of your dreams and drive as you explore any attraction your journey holds. Nonetheless, there are a few things that you must put in mind before you begin driving around. These are very significant because you always need to prepare and draft a plan to travel easily and safely to a foreign destination. These 6 Things to Consider Before Driving a Rental Vehicle in Rwanda will help you to plan better and enjoy your time in Rwanda.

Ensure to understand the traffic laws of Rwanda at all times. Many drivers assume that they know the driving rules and regulations globally but traffic laws differ by continent and let alone countries. Therefore, get accustomed to the laws of Rwanda before you begin your journey. Seek advice from your rental operator and also browse on the internet the traffic laws of Rwanda.

Get to know the kind of gas you need for the rental car. You may know something about cars but you cannot know everything about them. For example, many people assume all small-sized cars consume petrol but this is not true, some take in diesel.

Ask about the type of fuel the car consumes and the best refilling stations.

Know what to be done in an emergency situation. We would not want you to get into any volatile situation but we don’t know what tomorrow brings you to need to be prepared for it. You should save and know the useful contacts right from your car rental operators to the police and health service. You must book with a rental operator that has reliable road assistance and the vehicle must also have safety tools such as the first aid box, spare tire, wheel spanner, and a jack.  Your identification should be at hand so that you can easily be identified in case of an accident.

Ensure to get familiar with the driving system of the car. Varied vehicles are manufactured for different countries. The rental car you wish to hire might be way different from the one you drive at home. For instance, the steering could be on the left yet yours is on the right side, and also other car features might be different like the hand brake, the Air conditioning system, wiper, and lighting. You need to test drive the vehicle and also be tutored by the rental operator on how the car operates.

Arrange for a convenient pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle. Most of the pick-ups and drop-offs of the rental vehicles are done at Kigali International park, you may want another point, it could be another city or a hotel around Kigali. You should ask the operator whether the car can be delivered at your preferred point and if it requires a certain fee so that you can plan for it in your budget.

Read and comprehend the car rental contract. You need to know the insurance policy, the usage of the vehicle, damages, fuel, the requirements of renting a car, and the payment process. Cross every t and dot every i to understand the agreement. When you feel discontented with some clauses, engage the operator to be lenient if not find another agency with friendly terms and conditions.

Always be vigilant while traveling in Rwanda. This is a foreign destination to you, there is a need to be cautious at all times. Drive at a reasonable speed, fasten your seatbelt, follow every traffic law, and avoid driving at night. The night is the prime time for road accidents and crimes such as robbery. Contact us for more explanation about these 6 Things to Consider Before Driving a Rental Vehicle in Rwanda.

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