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Safari Car Hire Rwanda

6 Tips for an Easy Safari Car Hire Rwanda

Countries like Rwanda are best experienced on a self drive tour. This makes the tourists enjoy the different attractions like mountain gorilla watching, chimpanzee trekking, and a game drive experience at their convenience with great freedom and excitement. Safari Car Hire Rwanda can be quite easy with these 6 tips.

Like any overseas country, it is a challenge to rent a car in Rwanda since everything is new. You do not have the experience of what to expect and how to go about it.

Below are the tips for an easy safari car hire in Rwanda. If followed the traveler is likely to have fewer challenges while hiring a car and also on their safari tour.

Go through the car rental contract carefully

This is a vital point in car rental. An agreement is always made between the car provider and the hirer but there are some clauses or terms that a hirer has to follow while using the rental car.

So it is advisable to read the agreement carefully and understand each clause because if violated, a premium fine awaits the hirer.

This will increase your car rental costs and end up cursing the car hire experience.

Make sure you’re aware of the road rules

Rwanda has standard driving rules and not many of them are different from other countries worldwide.

However, some rules set are different from the international ones like the speed limit.

Rwanda is a mountainous area and many roads are raged and also have many corners. Therefore, the speed limit is down compared to most countries around the globe i.e. 60 km/hr on highways and 20-40 km/hrs on roads with settlements.

The driving system is also different as they use the French or European driving system whereby driving is done on the left side of the road.

In the case of the road signs, most are standard and they are written in both English and French.

Make sure you obtain travel insurance

However great you might be at driving, you have no guarantee that something like an accident won’t happen to you while on the road. That is why travel insurance is good on Safari Car Hire Rwanda.

Remember, you are not the only one using the road, there are very many drivers that you come across on the road and not all of them are that good.

So they may force you into an error while driving thus leading to an accident that may damage the car and you physically.

It is advisable to get your travel insurance and the rental car too to cover against any damages that are likely to happen while on the road in Rwanda.

Check the vehicle before you leave

Every car renter is advised to check the car thoroughly both the physical and mechanical condition before setting off for his Rwanda safari.

Traveler gets to know the state of the vehicle so that he/she is not blamed for the damages that may have been on the car even before he/she took it for a ride.

It is also great to have a well-conditioned car on the road since it guarantees you safety. Take an extra mile to also take photos of the car both on the exterior and interior.

Ensure you have a driving permit

In Rwanda, international drivers are expected to have international driving permits to rent a car.

The permit proves that you are eligible to drive a car internationally. However, other permits may be allowed if written in English or French.

Pay any fines you get while driving

In case, you are given any fine for a road offense while driving in Rwanda by authority endeavor to pay for it.

You might end up in jail for breaking and not cooperating with the laws if you fail to do so.

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