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7 Rwanda Car Rental Mistakes To Avoid

7 Rwanda Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Rwanda car rentals are the best transport means to use while exploring the country though it can be disappointing and frustrating especially when reckless. If you wish to rent a car in Rwanda, we advise that you avoid the popular mistakes done by most travellers. Here are the 7 Rwanda Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid.

  1. Unnecessary Insurance

It is irrational of you to purchase extra car rental insurance. Most of the rental providers insure their vehicles from theft, collision damage waiver and third party. Therefore, there is no need for you as a hirer to buy car rental insurance on your credit card. It would be a wastage of money.

  1. Hiring from close to Airport

car rental services near the airport are relatively expensive due to the high demand for their services. It is best to rent a car in Rwanda from a company that is relatively far from Kigali International Airport. It will offer to you an affordable car rental price since it gets fewer customers and always wants to tie down the few it has.

  1. First sight Booking

Some travellers make the mistake of booking with the rental company they land on first. This is a grave mistake as you might be charged more than you should have.  Take time to shop around. There are various online Rwanda car rental services and by inquiring from several ones, you will get an affordable rate. The rental operators have different rates thus compare and choose the one with a good rate.

  1. Payment for Gas

It may seem wise to clear all expenses before you travel but not a good idea for fuel expenses. Rwanda car rentals tend to quote a full tank per day for fuel expenses yet not every day of your trip, you will be using a full tank. They are times when you will travel a short distance or even not drive anywhere. Therefore, it is best to fuel the car on your own while a self drive Rwanda.

  1. Paying for useless items

Gone are the days of GPS. The invention of smartphones has deemed them useless. The smartphones have different location calibration apps like google maps and apple maps which have updated and accurate maps of places and cities worldwide. Other than paying for a GPS at $ 10 per day use the maps on your smartphone which are free of charge and more accurate and updated.

  1. Not Inspecting the car

Some clients don’t inspect the rental vehicle because they are rushing or simply forget. This act at times consequently leads to losses as the client is blamed for the damages, dents and scratches, he or she may not know about their occurrence. It is best to thoroughly check the vehicle inside and out and take the extra mile to capture photos and videos.

  1. Returning Late

Endeavour to return the vehicle at the agreed time and place, it saves a lot. Car rentals in Rwanda have a policy of vehicle operation from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. You might be charged if you return the vehicle after 7 pm. If you are to come later than the agreed time, inform the operator earlier.

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