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8 Tips About Rwanda Car Experience

8 Tips about Rwanda Car experience

Due to the high influx of travellers into Rwanda, the car hire services are on a high demand. Many people hire out cars for different reasons like visiting the different star tourist attractions of Rwanda, visiting family and Rwanda, business conference and global or regional political events or meetings. Therefore, if you are planning to hire a car in Rwanda in the near futures, there are certain thing you need to learn before you make your booking. These 8 Tips about Rwanda Car experience are wonderful tips which you have to take into consideration.

  1. Only operates in East Africa

Most car hire companies in Rwanda cannot let you drive the vehicle out the east African countries (Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi). These are the areas of jurisdiction allowed by most car rental providers to traverse with their vehicles. More to that you will have to pay COMESA fees when crossing the car to other borders of the east African countries.

  1. Know about Insurance Policy

Rental car providers insure their vehicles hired out their clients. The type of insurance normally offered is comprehensive insurance which covers collision damage waiver and third party. This has some limitation for instance if you at fault of the accident, you will pay for the damages. The policies in the insurance are always stipulated in the car rental contract given to you while hiring a car.

  1. Must be in possession of a Driver’s License

Rwanda is a law asserting country; it is under law that anyone to get on the wheels he/she is supposed to have a valid driver’s license. There is no way a car hire dealer will rent to you a vehicle minus presenting your original and valid driver’s license. The driver’s License acts as proof that you are eligible to drive a vehicle. The international driver’s license is most preferable but even your national driver’s license can work.

4.Full payment of the car hire service.

Before you set off for your journey, full payment of the car hire fees must be made to the provider. The payment can either be done by cash or electronic. At the meeting with the car rental provider, you are asked to make the payment and then the car is given to you. More to that when making the booking, you have to make an initial deposit to act as confirmation leverage.

  1. Minimum Age Limit of driving in Rwanda

The driving age in Rwanda is 21 years and this also implies that the car rental companies only allow 21 years and above to rent cars from them. you will always be asked to present out your national identity card or passport to know your age.

  1. Read the car rental agreement

there is always a black and white paper document presented to the hirer by the rental company. This contains the terms and conditions of renting the car. The hirer is advised to look at thorough and ask where he/she has not understood. The hirer must know any violation of any clause in this agreement is likely to lead to a fine. Read it and follow every clause to the dot.

  1. Traffic Rules and regulations

Rwanda operates on European standard traffic laws and this is why they drive on the right side of the road opposed to most of the African countries. However, there are some traffic laws that are only customised to when driving in Rwanda for example the maximum speed of driving on highways is 60kms and 30kms in the urban areas. As a traveller, you will have seek information about the driving rules and regulations from your car hire provider.

  1. Fringe Charges

The popular extra charges on the car hire services in Rwanda is the delivery and pick up fees of the vehicle at the hirer’s preferred point (airport or hotel).  Some of the car rental agencies ask for a small fee of about 50$ dollar for the pick up and drop off of the rental car. Contact us to know more about these 8 Tips about Rwanda Car experience.

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