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9 Things To Know Before You Rent A Car In Rwanda

9 Things to Know Before You Rent a Car in Rwanda

Due to the high demand for car hire services, many rental companies have been established. Once in Rwanda and there is an urgency of renting a car to fulfil your travel needs, we advise that you adhere to a few essential tips as explained in this article. Here are 9 Things to Know Before You Rent a Car in Rwanda.

  1. Know the Insurance Policy

Most of the car rental companies in Rwanda have a comprehensive insurance cover for their vehicle and this contains, collision damage waiver, car theft and third party. The client is advised to know how the insurance cover will protect him/her against the liabilities in case of an accident.

  1. You must have a valid driver’s License

Travellers must have a valid driver’s license to drive a car in Rwanda. The rental operator will request the license before he hires the car to you. Any country’s driver’s license is accepted but the international one is most preferred. It must be valid for not less than three months.

  1. Security Deposits

Some rental companies in Rwanda may ask for security deposit before handling the car keys to you. Payment can be done by either credit card or cash. The security deposit is reimbursed if you don’t get any car damage or get any fine on the road.

  1. Minimum Age Limit

The minimum age of driving a car in Rwanda is 18 years but for hiring a car is 21 years.

  1. Read about the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Company

There is normally a black and white document given to you when hiring a car in Rwanda. Endeavour to read it thoroughly and ask questions if you have not understood. The terms and conditions give a comprehensive picture of how the rental car must be driven, the insurance cover and the fines charged in case you violate the contract.

  1. Cross border rental is possible

Travellers are allowed to go beyond borders specifically to the neighbouring East African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and The Democratic republic of Congo. However, you must inform the rental company that you wish to drive the car beyond the borders of Rwanda so that it can organise the required paperwork for vehicle border crossing. Also, note that rental operators charge higher rental fees if you are doing cross border driving.

  1. Read the Accident Policies

In case you get an accident, immediately call the rental company to advise on how to go about the police procedure since every accident must be reported to the police. Most of the time, the rental operator will come to your rescue to handle the matter with the police and also replace the wreckage with another car to enable you to proceed with your journey.

  1. Traffic Fine Rules

The traffic fines are your obligation as a hirer in case you break the rules and the fine is issued. The rental company is not liable for your road offences. You must meet the fines when slapped at you by the traffic police department.

  1. Extra Facilities Charges

GPS, camping gear and extra baby seats are charged separately from the rental car. Therefore, if you need any of the facilities you will have to pay an extra fee.

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