A visit to Kigali

For majority of the travelers to Rwanda ignore the fact that Kigali city has alot of fascinating creatures to tour and learn more about the history of the country they visit. This should be included on the list of sites to visit in Rwanda and not only the known activities, gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, and congo Nile trail among others. Some travelers may think it doesn’t have alot to do with touring but take a visit to Kigali will mark a memorable experience in your life. A visit to Kigali is not like any other visit to any capital city. Move to the different corners of this city, find out what’s so special about this capital city and at the end you wont regret to be part of this tour.  Have a story to tell back in your country about the uniqueness of capital  city of  Rwanda.

Touring other natural creatures around Rwanda is ideal however consider also a visit to the heart of the cleanest country!!

Kigali City tour

Making arrangements for a visit in Kigali.

Making plans for a visit in Kigali, the foreighn capital city doesn’t require alot. Bookings are made online having provided all the necessary details but the main issue is how to be transported to the different parts of the city. Kigali Car Rentals provide various classic cars to hire for your tour. Its advasiable to make bookings ealier than the day of travel. Also selfdrive is possible for those with National Driving Permit well as travelers without have an option of hiring a car with our chauffeur. They are fluent in the official languages such as English,French and the native language, Kinyarwanda.

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First and foremost, expect well organised, thoughtful, educative and informative tour in Kigali lead by an experienced professional guide. And at every moment you learn something new and unexpected. Visitors(travelers) are divided in to small groups of about six people and alocated with one guide.  The guide is fluent in English, French, and Kinyarwanda with a great knowledge of the corners of the city. Along the way, amazing stories are told about the tradition, history and culture of the great Rwanda. Have a glimpse of Kigali and the outskirts from Mount Kigali. In summary;-

  • At start of the tour you provided a mini-map of Kigali city to follow.
  • Nyamirambo mosque one hour visit.
  • A glass of milk shake at a local milk bar (optional)
  • A tour to Rwanda local market with a taste of fresh fruits such as pineapples, mangoes among others
  • Art walk within the city and take photographys where necessary.
  • Have a taste of Rwanda cuisine.
  • A cup of the aromatic Arabic coffee in the evening and a short boat cruise.


Kigali at first sight seems to be soo excutive but most interesting parts aint open to public unless you have a tour guide. Depending on the physical ability of the travelers, the tour in most cases ends around 4:00pm with a visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial. Get to know where and how the victims were killed. Also the people and total number that were killed by the pictures displayed in some rooms of the memorial site. Unfortunately, this mostly favors travelers on a self drive since they move at their own pace. For visitors with many touring places can opt for a half-day tour.