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Camping Spots In Rwanda

Camping Spots in Rwanda

While in Rwanda, Camping is an interesting outdoor activity of spending a holiday while enjoying overnight stays in a tent. As a recreational hobby, it attracts people of all age groups. If you are a nature lover and you are planning a safari this season, these Camping Spots in Rwanda are the perfect option to make your dream come true.

Camping Spots in Rwanda

The activity gives you an insight to touch and feel the true African Wilderness thus giving you unforgettable experience away from home. With Camping adventures grab an opportunity to delight in the eye-catching spectacular landscapes sceneries, the rolling hills, the tropical rainforests among others.

At Kigali Car Rentals, we are delighted to present you the best camping spots in Rwanda “the Land of a thousand Hills” and if you would love to rent camping gear in Rwanda for the next safari, we will be more than delighted to offer you the equipment at cheap prices

Muyumba Campsite

The Camping Spots in Rwanda is found on a ridge overlooking the stunning beauty of Lake Ihema as well as Shakani. Camping at this site offers visitors a chance to have an overview of Tanzania.  Many visitors that travel to this site for camping also delight in various activities like game drives in Akagera National park.

Camping Spots in Rwanda

Shakani Camping Spots in Rwanda

Shakani Campsite is an amazing camping spot that provides spectacular scenic views of Lake Shakani from a distance. It is located adjacent to the edge of the lake. The Campsite is an ideal place for sport fishing for all visitors who would love to delight in the activity. While here get an opportunity to see many hippos, numerous birdlife among others. it is a great place for leisure and relaxation.

Mutamba Campsite

This is situated in Akagera National Park one of the fascinating protected area blessed with impressive savannah wildlife diversities. This spot is safe from dangerous wild animals and it has been well maintained. Thus, favoring many visitors that come here for a camping experience. At this site, you get an opportunity to sight herds of African Elephants, various antelope families, buffaloes, Eland among others.

Uwinka Campsite

The camping site is located in Nyungwe forest and it offers stunning views of the forest. It features a wooden platform under a shelter where visitors pitch their tents. However, it is important to note that visitors that come to this place ought to carry their own food since there are no kitchen facilities except a small cafeteria that sales simple drinks and meals.

Camping gears can be organized by your tour operator at an extra fee, however, we advise travelers to pack their own camping equipment to help them save some dollars. In case you are in need of a lifetime camping adventure in Rwanda, simply get in touch with our professional and friendly reservation team

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