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Canopy Walk In Nyungwe Forest

Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest

The Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest is a thrilling adventure that Kigali Car Rentals is well prepared to help you take part in while in Rwanda.

The Canopy walk in Rwanda is found in Nyungwe Forest National park Southwest of Rwanda.
It is a 2.1 Km walk full of adventure for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies and suites those visiting Rwanda and Nyungwe forest on short holiday.

Nyungwe National Park is an untouched natural rain forest that is filled with exciting biodiversity, found at the Uwinka visitors center in the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

The canopy walkway was built in 2010 by the Green Heart NGO group supported by U.S.A.I.D. The walk way has a 160 Meter stretch divided in 3 sections. The first is a 45 Meter stretch, followed by the longest at 90 Meters and the shortest at 25 meters. The highest point from the 90 Meter walk way is 70 meters from the ground.

Nyungwe Canopy WalkThe Canopy Walkway Tour costs $60 USD per person, All participants must be at least six years of age and above also children must be accompanied by adults, You should bring a raincoat as rain frequently falls in the forest, But if you don’t come with a raincoat you can rent one as well as walking boots and sticks at the Uwinka visitors center in the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

The canopy walk is a guided tour starting from the Uwinka Visitors center in nyungwe forest, followed with a 30 minutes’ walk via the igishigishi trail in a steep slope deep into the Nyungwe forest to the starting point of the walk way, The walkway can however also be done via the long trails of Imbaraga or the Umuyove.

The canopy walk lasts for over 2 hours, giving you the opportunity to see the monkeys, birds, butterflies spotted right from the Top of the Canopy walkway with also great views of the entire forest canopy including Lake Kivu on a clear day.

Cost of the Canopy walk

60 USD for the Foreign Non-Residents,
50 USD for the Foreign Residents in Rwanda & East Africa,
10 USD for the East African Citizens ,
5000 Rwandan Francs (RWF) for the Rwandan Citizens

Schedules of the Canopy walk tour in day

In a day there are four starting times of the canopy walk activity in Nyungwe Forest: 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm

Level of difficulty of the canopy walk

The hike is rated easy. There are some steep climbs/descends along the trek given the terrain is mountainous, however they are manageable. No serious fitness is required.

Those afraid of heights will find the canopy walkway a challenge as it is suspended about 50 meters from the ground.

What you need to carry for the walk

– hiking shoes/boots
– rain poncho/jacket
– small backpack
– at least 1 liter of drinking water
– camera

A brief About Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park is situated in the south west of Rwanda, 225 kilometers from Kigali and about 5 hours drive to the park’s headquarters at Uwinka overlook. The park has a remarkable diversity of wildlife which includes 13 species of primates, more than 300 species of birds, 85 species of mammals, over 1000 species of plants, 32 species of amphibians, and 38 species of reptiles. Many of the species are endemic to the Albertine Rift region within which the forest lies.

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