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Car adventures

Enjoy the Ultimate experience.

Rwanda Car RentalOur Rwanda Car Rental service is second to none, we ensure professionalism in all we do. We have over the years mastered the car rental business and that is why Kigali car rentals is considered the best; Feel free to checkout our lovely reviews on TripAdvisor. Kigali car rentals offers distinguished  experience. We have over time acquired all the necessary resources to ease your car rental experience, from a wide choice of vehicles to powerful Navigation systems, camping gear, 24/7 standby support and much more.  We have the best fleet of cars on the market. Car hiring normally starts with acquiring very nice cars or partnering with several stakeholders. Over the years, We have seen tremendous growth in our car rental business attributed to our commitment and great customer care service and this has enabled us to purchase several cars and thus giving clients and wider choice of vehicles to chose from. Our reservation managers know the importance of an inquiry and once you send an inquiry to us, you will receive prompt response depending on several factors however for those that live in a different time zone apart from Africa, expect some delays in responses until morning local time if you used an email however we are always ready to pick up any phone at any time of the day.

To have the best Rwanda Car Adventures, you have to ensure that you have the best drivers; our drivers are highly professional and are so much knowledgeable about several destinations in Rwanda. They are in a better position to give you the best service if you happen to get a car with a driver.

Why Kigali Car Rentals?

Getting a car from us is a very simple and yet profound question that you might need to ask yourself.
There are many reasons to choose us and some of them include:

Some of our clients rent cars just for a city drive across Kigali. Kigali is the capital and largest city in Rwanda. The city is highly organized and for years, Kigali has been the cleanest cities in Africa. Taking a city drive shall reveal so many tourists attractions within the city. Contact us for the best Rwanda Car Rental services.

Business purpose is one of the number one reasons why some of our clients rent cars from us. We know that cars add value to someone especially if you are going to a business meeting or deal; our companies knows that and we always offer the best cars that reflect the brand of our client

We have a wide range of 4×4 safari cars which are rented for business purposes. Come and experience the best rent a car Rwanda service from Kigali car rentals.

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