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Car Rental Rwanda For Self Drive- Tips And Guides Kigali Car Rentals

Car rental for self drive Rwanda

Car rental Rwanda for self drive..The number one reason I prefer self drive Rwanda experience is that I tend to drive at my own pace in Rwanda, I tend to pay attention to everything when am on a tour, talk with the locals in the communities,  feel the fresh air, play with kids I meet, listen to the singing birds, touch the butterflies, a lot that I want to enjoy myself something which I find had if am driving with a group of people.  I believe a self drive Rwanda car hire is the best way for a true Rwanda safari experience

Kigali care rentals  fleet consists of self drive Toyota Landcruiser with pop up roof for,  Toyota RAV4 for self drive. We own some  of our rental cars and a few we  subcontract from third parties. Hire a 4×4 from as low as USD $50 /day including 24/7 roadside assistance.

Rwanda  has so much more to offer than the beaten path, and we can help you plan your routes carefully so you don’t miss out on the best spots. We love this country and have a lot of tips to share to help you get the most out of your ultimate safari in Rwanda!

If you are looking to hire a car in Rwanda to explore this beautiful country, you have come to the right place!

Car rental Rwanda for self drive- tips and guides kigali car rentals

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