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Cars For Rent In Kigali

Cars For Rent in Kigali

Kigali is a great place for tourists and what better way to see them all than in a rental car from Kigali car rental. With a variety of vehicles, including full size and economy cars, small and large SU’s and minivans. Find out the best Cars For Rent in Kigali.

We  have the perfect car for getting around in Rwanda. Kigali car rentals is a Rwanda based company offering Cars for rent in Kigali  super custom cars, chauffer car rental, public transport in Rwanda, Rwanda car hire for gorilla tours, cars for road trips.

Renting a car in Kigali is cheapest when using Kigali Car Rentals at one of their locations in the country. The best daily rate for self drive safari is $50 a day for Toyota Rav4, but typically it’s best …

List of Cars For Rent in Kigali

  1.  Toyota Rav 4: This is the best choice of car for travelers less than three for their self drive Rwanda safari.
  2. Toyota Landcruiser Prado: The most reliable car company and the best for the bumpy roads when travelling to Akagera National Park.
  3. Toyota Landcruiser TXL: It is a good choice of car hire Rwanda deal when touring a Thousand hills where you can hire it with chauffeur or without a driver.

Book us for all your car needs.

We are one of the most reliable company who have an effective management. Our Management team has years of experience in car. They have been part of the Cars For Rent in Kigali for sometime. We have the best team of great drivers who are highly knowledgeable about cars. our drivers are great people who know the different areas in Rwanda, they will always take you to any destination. The drivers are very humble people who are always ready to help

Our reservation team is very professional. They know what the clients need and they always make the best effort to make sure that you enjoy yourself.

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