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Congo Nile Trail

A Complete Guide To The Congo Nile Trail (And 5 Tips)

Congo Nile Trail…Let hiking of the Congo -Nile Trail be part of your luxury activities in Rwanda at an affordable costs. This travel experience will introduce you to the stunning beauty that lies in the western part of Rwanda. The escape from the hustle and bustle of the city you will end up on Congo-Nile trail. The geographical wonder that is the Lake Kivu, remains in sight during the entire trail that stretches 227 kilometers from Karongi, Rutsiro, and Nyamasheke to Rusizi.

The earlier to reach the trail in the morning the better to catch the early morning activities at Lake Kivu shores. Travelers enjoy the misty view from the lake and the freshness that comes with the early morning breeze. Birdlife is also rich while hiking Congo-Nile Trail. Hitting the rural earthen roads brings out the true picture of rural Rwanda. The roads are dotted with hundreds of wooden bridges that make crossing a pleasantly scary experience. The terraced undulating hills, the sight of villagers tilling the land, the bliss of children waving at a car passing-by, the village dog chasing behind before giving up as it wheezes, is simply a memorable experience. After a rejuvenating and yet adventurous experience hiking on the trail, the entire journey is discovery, a glimpse into life beyond the concrete jungle that is the city, refreshens.

From the plains of downtown Rubavu to the evergreen fields of Kamembe, the Congo Nile Trail attracts more energetic hikers and cyclists determined to discover the hidden gems of the Kivu Belt through an off the beaten path. On Congo-Nile Trail, expect to hike up and down the rolling hills of Rubavu and Rutsiro. The long, vigorous walk on the Congo-Nile trail is food to your soul. The Congo- Nile Trail captivates like-minded adventurers who appreciate the thrill of en route enchantment. You will find the journey as delightful, if not more delightful than the destination itself.

The trail spans from Rubavu to Rusizi via Rutsiro, Karongi and Nyamasheke. Hikers need about 10 days to complete the entire 227 km passage while when cycling 5-days. cycling tours and custom-made kayaking packages are also available. In most cases, tourists don’t cover the entire trail. Instead, they choose sections that suit their availability and preferences.

There are  signposts throughout the stretch. One doesn’t necessarily need a guide to indulge in this expedition. Besides, in this age of advanced technology, different applications and GPS navigation functions are available at our fingertips. Some of them work offline. They don’t require any data plan. When you embark on this journey, you will witness beauty every step of the way while burning calories. In addition, you will catch a glimpse of life in rural Rwanda. One more thing, you will probably avoid trips to the hospital.

The trail is strategically located since it’s unlike the other trails, it is richly marked with several villages along the route with restaurants, places for camp and much more. The trail is always busy with pedestrians (the locals) and fellow travelers others biking or cycling from different parts of the world. Shops along the trail don’t have billboards or sign posts like the way it might be in your home country, but they are simple to identify with a discerning glance. Majority of them sell essentials such as drinking bottled water, fruits, soap, tooth brushes among others. Its advisable to take a heavy meal before starting the adventure. Some travelers accompany the Adventure with several snacks. There’s no need to carry food for preparing since the shops do sell.

As it’s well known that journey is long, you need to carry a sleeping bag since the camping sites are many along the trail. They are about 3-6 hours for cycling or you may decide to rest in a guest house, which are clean and well maintained at an affordable price.

If you choose to take a journey over multiple days, you will not need to bring a tent, as there are many campsites along the trail. The sites, established by the Rwanda Development Board, are 3-6 hours of cycling apart from each other, are easily visible, and require no reservation. You can also stay at one of many guesthouses on the way; these are also clean and well-maintained.

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