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Renting A Car In Rwanda

Considerations While Renting a Car in Rwanda

Traveling is exhilarating and fun but at times, it can be hectic if you have heavy baggage to carry around from place to place. Renting a car in Rwanda for an airport transfer, business transfer, city tour or self drive safaris is the most conducive alternative. Car hire providers offer an important service to travellers who want to get to their destination as fast as possible.

However, traveling with an unknown car rental company is dangerous, especially for foreign and sole travellers. In this article, we bring the tips to make your travel expedition in Rwanda a safe and remarkable one.

Before booking with a car hire provider, make sure that they have been in the business for quite some time. Look at their “about us” page. You can also visit their trip advisor account and look at the dates when the first client made their review.

Never book with a car rental agency that is not registered by the government. Licensed companies normally put their registration certificates at the bottom of their home page, look at them and verify the legality of the company.

Always rent a car for a long period of time. Most car rental companies in Rwanda charge per day and on rare occasions per hour. You should always go for a per-day charge because it is much cheaper than the per-hour one.

Hiring a car on the internet is the best way. On the web, you will find a variety of them and you will be spoilt with choices.

When you get in contact with the rental operator, inform them about your itinerary; the places to visit and the attractions you wish to see. Let them advise on which vehicle to hire that can perfectly fit your travel needs.

Instruct the rental provider for the quote breakdown so that you are not caught by surprise by the hidden extra costs such as airport parking fees, pickup and drop-off fees, excessive insurance fees, and government taxes. If the rental operator has left them out, inform them to include them to pay the quote as a whole.

Rent a car depending on its seat capacity. If you are a sole traveller, rent a compact car like a Toyota rav4. If you are a group, rent a van.

Book with a car hire agency that is flexible. An operator that can reschedule your rental dates if you wish to postpone your travel. More to that, the car rental provider should be able to deliver and pick up the vehicle at any of your convenient places.

Make sure that the terms and conditions of renting a car are favourable. Look at the car usage clause, the insurance policy, and the liability level in case of any issue. Enjoy the best self drive Rwanda experience with Kigali car rentals.

Ensure that the rental operator sends you a confirmation letter when you make the payment of the services beforehand to act as proof that your reservation has been approved. Renting a Car in Rwanda is best done with Kigali Car Rentals.

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