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Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling by Rwanda Car Hire

Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling by Rwanda Car Hire; Traveling by Rwanda car hire necessitates precaution and safety. Choosing a legally registered Car Rental Company is vital for reducing the issues of mischief during the trip and it is also lawful. The tourism and travel department of Rwanda stipulates that it is the client’s obligation to check whether the rental operator is legally recognized before booking a car.

Booking with a licensed car rental company is not the only thing you must do for your safety, there are a series of actions you have to undertake to ensure an innocuous journey.

Below are the Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling by Rwanda Car Hire to secure a safe experience.


Ensure to plan and prepare for your trip earlier. Consider your travel dates that is when you will start your trip and end it.

Reserve the rental car from a reliable car hire agency in Rwanda before you travel to save time. This enables you to have enough time to get a registered and reputable rental operator. It is very easy to find one as they are spread everywhere on the web.

When booking a car endeavour to know the name of the company and the staff that attends to you. This helps you to easily trace them out in case of anything.

In case you are using chauffeur car hire services, make sure that you get to know the particulars of the driver such as the name, nationality, and physical appearance before boarding the car. You should also record the number plate of the vehicle, type, and color.

Avoid sole travel. Traveling with family or group is not only exciting but also a safety precaution. It is very hard for a criminal to attack a group of people but easy if you are alone.

If you are visiting a place by car rental, know the travel distance and time between your starting point and the final destination. This helps you to travel at the right time and the safest time to travel in Rwanda during the day. Avoid traveling at night because it is the prime time for most crimes such as highway robbery and road accidents.


If you have had a few drinks while somewhere on your trip, don’t drive. You should also not let any drunk colleague drive you.

Avoid self driving in Rwanda if the place is so remote and cannot be easily accessed. Hire a driver to take you.

Don’t travel by an old vehicle. Cars above 10 years are not considered suitable for driving and traveling in Rwanda.

If the rental car is not in a good condition, avoid traveling by it.

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