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Safari Land CruiserExtended Safari Land Cruiser

The Extended Safari Land Cruiser is a 4Wdrive car customized for Africa safaris to various Wildlife and primate destinations in Rwanda – Uniquely designed with a popup roof and fridge, the safari Land cruiser can accommodate up to 8 people and has enough space for cargo making it suitable for family trips, camping. It’s designed to operate even in the toughest environments like on rough murram roads in the countryside.

This Extended Safari Land Cruiser is perfect for safaris,  Our 4×4 Land cruisers are in very good condition. We have 6 and 9 seaters. This vehicle (Land cruiser hard top) is on very high demand and should be booked in advance. We give it with the driver / tour guide. The price is negotiable and varies depending on the season.

With your family and friends, this 4×4 Extended Safari Land Cruiser Hard Top is fantastic! You can go anywhere in Rwanda, whether there is a road or not! Among the areas you can visit in Rwanda include Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park and Volcanoes Nationals Park famous for gorilla tracking.

Extended Landcruiser

he 4X4 safari land cruiser is by far the most popular safari vehicle in Africa used over the years for park trips and research projects. The customized extended Land cruiser can accommodate 7 to 8 people equipped with special features including the pop-up roof , in-built fridge, MP3/CD player plus comfortable seats and spacious cargo space in the rear and roof top so you can have that comfortable road trip.

The safari land cruiser is ideal rental car for guided safaris in Rwanda, family trips, research and filmography. If you planning to travel to destinations with rough road terrains and unpredictable weather, then you should choose this car.

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