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Gas Refilling And Parking Of The Rental Car In Rwanda

Gas Refilling and Parking of the Rental Car in Rwanda

Gas/fuel is one of the most significant items to look at while renting a car in Rwanda. Gas is the fluid that enables the car to move. Here is what you need to know about Gas Refilling and Parking of the Rental Car in Rwanda.

The cost of the fuel is recurring and high as you have to keep refilling from time to time while driving in Rwanda.

Before you start your self drive safari ensure to know the price of the fuel and the best refilling station in the country.

Almost all car hire operators in Rwanda do not refill fuel for their clients.  The travelers do refill the car on their own. It is very vital to know the type of fuel the car takes in before you drive off.  It could be diesel or petrol.

Fueling the car is so easy since several refilling stations are situated along the main roads and the gas rates are well displayed at the stations.

The tips below you should be able to lead you on the right path on the road to minimize the hassle.

Filling gas in the Tank

The cost of fuel in Rwanda is about $ 1.5 us dollars (1500 Rwanda francs) looks costly.

However, the rental cars used in Rwanda consume less fuel which makes the client travel around Rwanda with less worry of a high bill on fuel.

Rwanda is also a small country to tour so the fuel consumed on your voyage is relatively low compared to other countries.

Fuel far away from the city is slightly more expensive than in the urban towns of Rwanda, there is an increase of 10-20 Rwanda francs in the remote areas.

This is because of the transport cost incurred to store fuel in those areas and also the less competition from fuel stations in the areas.

Refilling the vehicle in Rwanda is like in any other less developed country as there is a fuel attendant that will help you refill the car pump.

There is no self-service refill like in Europe. The attendants are fast, have good customer care, and are really helpful.


The best way to avoid parking issues in Rwanda is: by using common sense and if you are not well informed about the parking rules seek help from the residents.

Rwanda has very narrow parking lots by the roadsides and most times, you have to fight for parking spaces with other drivers.

Street Parking

Try to learn what every parking marking means as there are parking lots that are for the public, company parking, and VIP parking.

Some spaces are not for parking, for instance, the space at any building entrance or an outlet of a pedestrian feeder road.

Most street parking in Rwanda is paid, some officials collect the fees and these will be available at the end of your parking session to collect the fee. Please endeavor to pay for it.

Private Parking lots and Prices

In Rwanda, there are private parking lots where you can park a rental car for a day.

These are established in open places and most of them have washing bays for cleaning up the vehicles.

And also there are parking lots established in the basement of main buildings in the cities of Rwanda.

The parking fees in the lots are about $2 US Dollars.  This is more expensive than the street parking but these lots are safe and the vehicle is free from dents and scratches from other parties. Enjoy the best self drive Rwanda with us today

Overnight parking

Overnight parking is one of the most worrying things that a client can experience while on self drive in Rwanda.

However, this is not a serious issue only that people who hire cars are foreign to the country; they do not know much about the parking system in the country.

Overnight parking can be done at your lodge or hotel. There are also establishments for overnight parking, you can find one by asking a local and this can cost you 1 dollar a night. Contact us for more information about Gas Refilling and Parking of the Rental Car in Rwanda.

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