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Rwanda Car Rental

Getting the most out of your Rwanda Car Rental experience

Vacation is imminent! We all know what it means. Time for a road trip around Rwanda! Road-tripping can be an exciting and frugal way to enjoy your time off from your work and daily routine. For one to lose your bearing on a frantic road and then get back on track is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Rwanda is one of the few tourist destinations to offer such a kind of experience. You will have to rent a car from a reputable operator to embark on your road trip. Below are a few tips for making your next Rwanda car rental experience or road trip a memorable one.

You will have to stock adequate snacks and beverages to enjoy while you ride around Rwanda. Get a cooler filled with ice and stock your beverages because they are best drunk when cold especially in a country like Rwanda is moderately hot compared to Europe. You should get a container to keep your snacks not exposed to direct heat or coldness. The beverages and snacks will keep you up to life when scaling through the long distance to reach your safari destination.

You are a sole traveller? No fuss, download your favourite playlist on your smartphone or iPod. Good music is also fun filling when traveling with family or colleagues. Imagine driving on the carpet-like roads of Rwanda, fresh blowing under your skin as you listen to your favourite jam. No moment beats that. You know long-distance driving is boring and you may end up sleeping at the wheel. But when good music is one, you will be lively and active thus restraining you from dosing off.

Ensure to be comfortable with your Rwanda car rental experience. Forget about being frugal on your road trip, hire a spacious and comfortable car. The recommended cars to hire are the sport utility vehicles such as a land cruiser Prado TX, land cruiser V8 and GX. The rental car must also have features such as an air conditioning system to keep the car atmosphere conducive and food and drink handlers. Bring a pillow and a blanket, sometimes Rwanda can get chilly especially when you travel to the north-eastern part of the country in the Ruhengeri region where volcanoes national park is situated. You will need something that will keep you warm when you reach such areas. If you are traveling with infants, do not forget to hire baby seats from the rental operators.

Safety is paramount in your car rental Rwanda experience. Ensure that you hire a car that has safety features such as airbags, seat belts, and a bull bar that can protect you when you get into any sort of collision. The car must also have a first aid box and a fire extinguisher. The toolbox consisting of a wheel spanner, jack, jumper cables, and accident reflectors must come in handy.

Have a map of Rwanda or download it on your map. You will be traveling in a foreign country and you will need a physical map or google maps on your smartphone to help you locate the different places you wish to visit.

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