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Hire A Car In Rwanda

Hire a Car in Rwanda and Age Restrictions

Being out there on the open road on your own is one of the best feelings you can ever get while on a holiday, and Rwanda is best explored on a self drive tour. Know about the age restrictions for when you decide to hire a car in Rwanda. Contact Kigali Car Rentals for the best car hire services.

However, experienced and good you are at driving, renting a car is not an easy thing as there are regulations you have to go through to acquire one in Rwanda.

Let’s look at hiring a car in Rwanda, by bringing to you what to expect so that you can get a hint and get best prepared to rent it and enjoy your Safari in Rwanda.

Be aware of the age restrictions in Rwanda

You might be having a great record of driving in your home country but you may be restricted from renting a car in Rwanda.

For example, persons that are below 21 years, find it very difficult to rent a car as most car hire companies have that feeling that young people are reckless and careless drivers thus not taking chancing of getting unnecessary accidents that damage the car.

Obtain an International Driver’s Permit

When you are traveling to Rwanda, you should obtain an international driving permit or permit translated into English or French.

The international driving permit is a highly recognized driving document and no car rental company can doubt your driving abilities in possession of it.

But without an international driving permit, you may find it hard to rent a car in Rwanda.

Be conscious that the road conditions will be different in Rwanda

Road conditions worldwide are different due to the nature of the roads, the number of traffic, and also the means of transport used on the road.

While driving in Rwanda, you will find unfamiliar road policies that are different from your home country like the speed limit, the road signs, and the nature of drivers.

It would be a challenge for you to drive on the Rwanda roads if you do not first ask for the conditions and rules in Rwanda from your car rental company.

You should ask your car rental company about the nature of driving and the road conditions before taking a ride.

Make sure that you are covered against car rental liabilities

Having car rental insurance is one of the most important aspects of renting a car aboard. A traveler should acquire comprehensive car rental insurance so that he is protected from being liable for the damages that may happen to the car while driving it.

Repairing a car is very expensive and if you are not covered against such liabilities you are likely to incur more costs on car renting and end up cursing the experience.

If you put the above points into practice you will have a very smooth and exciting experience as you Hire a Car in Rwanda to tour different tourist destinations of Rwanda including the Kigali city, Lake Kivu, Volcanoes National Park where the mountain gorillas found, and the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

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