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Rent A Car In Rwanda

How to be ready for the road when you Rent a Car in Rwanda

If it is your first time in Rwanda and you happen to Rent a Car in Rwanda, it would be a great idea to take your time and get familiar with the road. Normally, the driving style and road signs are different from those in your home country.

Below are a few tips to ensure that driving safely on the roads of Rwanda when you rent a car.

Get some theoretical knowledge

If you have never driven in Rwanda, it is a good idea to get some tutorials on how to drive around. There are different sources of getting knowledge of driving theory in Rwanda. This can be from your car rental operator or online.

You should know the driving side, the traffic laws, the speed limit, and the meanings of the different road signs. What might be right in your home country would be an offense in Rwanda. Endeavor to learn all the required driving theories in the country to drive safely and also not to be on the wrong side of the law.

Ensure that the rental car is fit for the Road

Before you set off for your journey, try to inspect the rental car provided to you by the car hire agency. Check whether the brakes, lights, and indicators are working properly. Look at the fluids in the bonnet area that are filled. The studs of the tires must also be long enough. Also, ensure that the air conditioning system is operating because you will need it when the weather gets hot.

Don’t forget to look at the scratches and the dents on the car, and go the extra mile to take pictures of the car. These pictures can save you once you get back from your trip because the operator would want to check if you dented or scratched the car to pay for the liabilities.

Check the Insurance, MOT, and Road Tax

In Rwanda, there are certificates a car is supposed to have to make it fit for the road and these include third-party insurance, MOT (annual test of vehicle safety and roadworthiness), and road tax. Be sure the 4×4 car rental Rwanda provided to you has all of them and is valid. Otherwise, the authority may clamp the car at any time if found any of the certificates missing.  With all the certificates in check, you will not be inconvenienced by any authority on the road.

Be ready for Busier Roads

While driving in Rwanda, you cannot avoid Kigali because it is the hub used by travellers to connect to other areas. And also Kigali is the capital thus it is the busiest area of the country. You will have to be prepared to drive bump to bump because of traffic congestion. You must be alert not to knock other motorists. Keep all your doors and windows closed to avoid petty theft of your belongings.

Many travellers across the world would wish to explore Rwanda by car rental but they are afraid to drive in unfamiliar territories. The lesson is that shake off your worries by simply getting ready for the roads and the above tips will help you to drive safely in the land of a thousand hills. Contact us if you plan to rent a Car in Rwanda.

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