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Self Drive Car Hire Rwanda

How to Book a Self Drive Car Hire Rwanda.

Hiring a self drive rental Rwanda to travel to the various places of the country can eliminate the hustle related to the trip. Whether you hire a car to visit family and friends or national parks, booking a rental car is the most daunting part of the Rwanda safari. Here is how to book a Self Drive Car Hire Rwanda.

For most travellers, finding the right rental company, negotiating an affordable rate, and arranging the pickup of the vehicle are all tasks that make booking a self-drive rental in Rwanda challenging.

However, Self Drive Car Hire Rwanda can not only bring peace of mind but also can make you save some money. With a self drive rental, you are able to safely travel to any place in Rwanda at any time of the day at a standard rate. The rental operators hired out their vehicles at an unlimited mileage tariff plan.

Therefore, you should always turn to car rental services whenever you plan to take a trip around Rwanda.  Below are some of the steps to take when booking them;

Know the Dates of Traveling

Before you think of booking a self drive rental Rwanda, you should know the number of days and the date to start your travel. The dates and the period of the rental enable you to discern the availability of the cars from the company so that you are not disappointed.

The credibility of the Rental Company

You would want to know how reliable and competent the car hire agency is and the only right way is to search on the internet. Of course, you may have found the company on the internet but you have to go the extra mile and look at other social travel platforms such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet to know what the past clients talk about the company. Are their vehicles in good condition? Are their service delivery and customer care okay? Such queries will give you a true picture of what it takes to do business with the Car Rental agency.

The rates of the Rental Vehicle

The price of the car is a vital factor since it is one of the determinants of choosing a specific vehicle. Usually, rental operators have varied cars in their fleet tagged with different rates but serving the same purpose. For instance, a Toyota Rav4 may serve the purpose of the Toyota Land cruiser yet they differ in prices. Therefore, look at the price of the rental cars and choose the one that suits your budget.

To add, find out whether there are no extra hidden costs in the quotation given to you. Some companies tend to have flattering prices on their websites but when you commit to them, they spill out other small charges which can accumulate the rental quote into an expensive one. So confirm with the reservation if the website rate is the actual price of the rental before booking.

Look at the Terms and Conditions

Every rental operator has a contract that you must read and sign to accept that you are willing to use and drive their car under the rules and regulations stipulated in the black and white document. Keenly read and understand them if they are constraining you from enjoying your road trip, then look elsewhere. If you are okay with them, go ahead and sign the document and book the rental car.

Ask for the Confirmation Note

After you have agreed on everything and contented with the car rental deal, make payment and request a written confirmation letter to act as proof that you have reserved the vehicle.

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