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Road Trip In Rwanda

How to Choose the Perfect Vehicle for Your Road Trip in Rwanda?

Whether you wish to hire a car to travel alone or with your family on a road trip in Rwanda, it is essential to find the best car rental operator and the perfect vehicle for the funds you are willing to cash in.

There are several factors to consider when booking a car for a road trip. The following advice can help you to make the right decision;

Getting the Information Correct

The first thing to do is to make the correct decision on knowing the exact needs of your road trip. Know your type of road trip, the number of passengers you are traveling with, and the length of time to travel. The car hire company will labour to tailor-make the car rental deal in the way you want so that you can have the value for your money.

Knowing the Quote Framework and Policies

Most car rental services tend to use their own distinctive price structure. While most rental pricing charged is per day basis, you may get a standard price which includes airport transfers. Ensure that you check government taxes, pickup and drop-off fees, airport parking tickets, toll fees, and the extra charges such as the bank charges if you are using electronic transfer.  Make sure that you are given an all-inclusive rate so that you don’t carry the burden of paying each fee on its own.

Evaluating the Safety Measures

When you have finalized the pricing and know the rental car to use, safety is the next thing to put into consideration when going for a road trip in Rwanda. The first safety precaution is to ensure that you are booking with a reliable and reputable car hire agency that is legally registered and recognized by the Rwanda government. The rental vehicle must also have insurance that covers third party, collision damage, and theft. Reliable road assistance must be available to solve the car breakdown issue in case it occurs while on a road trip. The vehicle should also be well serviced and in perfect condition to enable you to travel safely on the road.  To add, the rental car must have a wheel spanner, spare tire, and a jack for a punctured tire replacement.

Lastly, note that most car hire services in Rwanda follow the first-come, first-serve rule. Therefore, ensure to book the rental car as earlier as possible before your road trip. The ideal time could be 3 months prior to your travel dates.

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