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Cheap Car Rentals

How to Get Cheap Car Rentals at Kigali International Airport

Kigali international airport is your gateway to Rwanda, which is popularly known as “the Land of a Thousand Hills”. Here is how to get cheap car rentals at Kigali International Airport.

Rwanda not only boosts outstanding flora and fauna but also has a unique history, culture, and traditions.

Having lots of interesting wildlife species rare to the common world, Rwanda is a prime eco-tourism destination for many people.

Its capital, Kigali offers another vibe in terms of tourism as it holds so many historical and cultural sites, fancy restaurants, and other hangout spots which lure lots of tourists to get around the area.

Getting around Rwanda and Kigali has become so easy ever since the insurgency of car rental services which is reliable, safe, convenient, and fast.

Car rentals at Kigali International Airport

The Kigali Airport is located in the Capital and business city of Rwanda, finding a car hire is very easy and the most reliable and fast way to explore the city and the country at large.

A plethora of car rental companies are established near Kigali International Airport and finding a vehicle to hire during your visit does not take much time.

The rental agencies are based both online and offline to conveniently provide transport services to travelers from and to the airport.

Various types of cars at different rates are provided and the car rental teams are very hospitable and helpful to guide on how to book your car.

The prices are pocket friendly and they should not worry anyone most importantly, there is room for negotiations.

Tips on finding the right car hire rates

You should always find channels to reduce your expenditure whenever you have the opportunity and when booking a car rental. There are tips you can follow to make sure that you get an affordable quote.

The tips below can assist you to get Cheap Car Rentals while at the same time finding the best car hire to drive around Kigali.

Always make your booking beforehand and online. Most Rwanda Car rental agencies have a policy of rendering discounts to their clients who reserve their rentals earlier than the time of their travel.  The early booking also thwarts inconveniences associated with rush hour booking for example finding no availability of the rental cars at that particular you urgently want to travel.

Take your time and shop around to get the right agencies providing affordable prices. The best place for shopping is the internet where a series of rental services are displayed once you browse. Inquire from several of them, compare their prices and services and finally choose the one with the best rate.

Dodge traveling in the peak season. The peak season of traveling in Rwanda is June through October and December to March. Those are the months when there is a high influx of tourists into the country and car rental services are highly demanded. Subsequently, the car hire providers tend to increase their rates too much with the increasing demand. Therefore, if you wish to hire a car in Rwanda cheaply avoid the peak season. Travel in the low season when the prices are back to common and there are chances of getting a discount.

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