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How to Prepare for a Rwanda Car Hire Trip

There is no moment greater than when your vacation comes to nigh. Self-drive safaris or car hire trips are becoming famous in Rwanda kudos to the liberty they offer. You can go anywhere you feel like at any given time. Here is how to prepare for a Rwanda Car Hire Trip.

Rwanda car hire trips are a great option to see what the country has to offer beyond the common eye. You can discover hidden attractions, take all the time to enjoy a certain scenery, and understand the local culture.

Car hire trips get more magical when you drive on your own. However, these types of trips come with a lot of tasks. Here is how to prepare for a Rwanda car hire trip.

Create a vibrant group

The most vital factor of any holiday or trip is to make sure that you are traveling with charming people. People you decide to come with on your safari may make or break the experience. This is so true during a road trip, you will be in the car with people for a long period. So, it is best to choose people that you can get along with. Get a batch that is entertaining, creative, and adventurous.

Get skillful drivers

you are not going to drive that long distance around Rwanda alone, in the group of colleagues you are coming with on the trip, assign some of the people to be drivers and you must be sure that they are good enough. Driving in a new area can be challenging and this can escalate when you are in a foreign country.  The road outlook rules and laws and the nature of motorists are different. This gets worse when you rent a car that you are not familiar with. Remember in Rwanda, the most common car brand is Toyota which is not the case in Europe or America where you may be probably from.

Get insurance

The good news is that rental cars in Rwanda come with comprehensive insurance which protects from liabilities of theft, collision damage, and third party. But you will have to purchase your own personal insurance for your health and belonging. Road trips especially in a foreign country are full of uncertainties. You will have to shield yourself from any unforeseen calamities such as sickness and theft of your valuables.

Draft an itinerary

Though road trips in Rwanda provide the freedom to travel anywhere you wish, you need to plan for your time. If you don’t make a proper program, you may find yourself wasting a lot of time on trivial stuff and leaving out the most important ones which could have been brought to the trip.

Check the weather

Rwanda is totally a different environment from your home country right from the landscape to the weather. You need to know the weather patterns of Rwanda. First and foremost, Rwanda receives rainfall and sunshine throughout the year. There are periods where there is little rain and the sun is bright and this is known as the hot season. There are also times when the rain is too much and the sun is not so bright and this is regarded as the wet season. The hot season happens from January through March, June through October, and December, and the wet season, is April, May, and November. These two seasons call for different clothing.  In the hot season, one-layer clothes are advised but in the evening it’s always cold, you will have to carry a sweater.  Don’t forget to carry sunglasses and a hat. In the wet season, two-layer clothes are recommended and a rain jacket should come in handy.

Rwanda also lies in the tropics and so many insects around which are harmful. Carry insect repellents and toilettes.  You should also carry any other requirement related to weather that is not afore-mentioned.

All it takes to ruin a vacation is missing out on one step. Therefore, you need to prepare and plan as explained above to have a wonderful Rwanda car hire trip.

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