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How To Rent A Car With Kigali Car Rentals

How to rent a car with Kigali Car Rentals.

Here is How to rent a car with Kigali Car Rentals. Most of our clients prefer the easy way to quickly inquire and get a response from us on the availability of a vehicle, stating their purpose of visit to Rwanda, how long they need the car, and the price.

We have intern come up with a few simple steps to guide you when renting a car with Kigali Car Rentals.

1. Select your date, time, and location

Simply let us know the date you would like to have the vehicle, so as to let us prepare the available cars at that time.

Let us know your destination, this will help us guide you on what car works best for the destination, powerful 4×4 cars like the Toyota Land cruiser could work in all destinations, but might prove expensive for those hoping to do visit destinations with flat and simple cars like the Rav 4 would do.

Let us know the date, and time you hope to pick-up the car, this could depend on your flight schedule or in case you need us to drop it off at your hotel, we know what time it’s best to find you.

Remember you can pick-up and drop-off the rental car at different locations if you want to! This is called one-way car rental.

2. Choose the rental category

With that info, we’ll look for the best car rental options available. All you have to do is choose the one that fits your needs!

3. Confirm the booking information

Don’t forget to inform us about the booking details for your rental, this includes the car you would want to rent, where you hope to travel to, date and time when we will need to drop off and pick up the car. Make sure this is the right category, and that you have added the extra items you would need need, for example, camping gear.

If you have questions about car rental insurance, please do not hesitate to ask, Incase you hope to drive out of Rwanda, we will be informing you of the requirements.

4. Let us know your personal information

Please let us know your identity by including your information on the email so we can confirm the car rental booking.

After this, if you’ve chosen the online payment method, you’ll be redirected to the payment page. Now, if you’ve chosen to pay directly on arrival, you can carry cash, either USD, Euros or RWF.

5. Get ready for pick up

In order to pick the rental car, you simply inform us of your preferred pickup location and we shall deliver free within Kigali, .

If you have any doubts about how that works, don’t hesitate to call us up at any one time.

How to rent a car

  1. Select the date, time and location of your rental
  2. Choose the rental category
  3. Confirm the booking information
  4. Fill in your info
  5. Print your voucher before pick-up

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Have any other questions about How to rent a car with Kigali Car Rentals? We’ll be happy to help, just drop them below!

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