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How To Save Money On Car Hire In Kigali

How to save money on car hire in Kigali

How To Save Money On Car Hire In Kigali? Hiring a car adds so much freedom to your Rwanda holiday and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Below we have outlined for you some of the easiest ways to slash costs when you rent a car in Rwanda, Kigali.

1) Booking Ahead of Time:

The simplest way to get the cheapest deal on car hire in Kigali is to be punctual when booking – book in advance, more so during the peak travel periods, such as the festival season and dry season – June to August.

And while there’s no guarantee that booking early means you’ll get the exact car you’re after, if you leave it late you’ll be left with whatever the hire car company has available – and a family of four into a small two-seater just won’t go. Booking in advance will definitely cost you less on your desired car rental as compared to when you book late.

2) Always Be Punctual:

Most rental companies rent out their cars in 24-hour blocks, and also charge late fees. So return the car to keep costs down. Car hire companies usually charge rental fees in blocks of 24 hours, so if you’re picking up the car at midday, try and make sure that your drop-off is at midday or earlier. If you choose a later drop-off, you may be charged an extra day – even if it’s only an extra hour, so punctuality in car hire is always essential in order to keep prices low.

3) Be smart on size:

Think practically and go for functional over fancy – that sporty soft-top might look the part, but is it really worth paying extra for? Then think about exactly what you need from a car in terms of size and spec, and don’t forget to factor in the fuel costs. If you’re going to be doing a lot of driving, pick a car that goes easy on the fuel.

4) Be a driver of your trip:

If you’re heading out on an epic road trip in Rwanda it makes sense to hire an experienced local driver, but adding an extra driver can really push up the price of car hire. It is therefore a great idea to drive yourself than hiring a driver, as charges will rise exponentially. Work out if you’ll be able to get away with you as a driver for the whole holiday as it could save you quite a bit of money.

5) Pack Some Possible Extras:

Renting a car seat can save you carrying your own, but rental companies charge a daily fee. If you need a child seat, consider taking your own from home to avoid paying extra to hire one from the rental company. Hire charges are usually added daily and can quickly mount up. Most airlines will allow you to take some baby equipment free of charge. If you don’t have your own GPS, you can download free maps on your phone that don’t use data while you’re travelling to help you lacerate the extra charges.

6) Ensure You Take an Insured Car and Drive Carefully:

Most authorized car rental companies in East Africa have their car fleets all insured. Therefore, you’re advised not to dare take a rental car on your trip that is not insured as this may cost you too much money in case the car gets any problem during your trip. Meanwhile, most rental companies in Rwanda their car fleets are only under comprehensive insurance and you are also advised to avoid reckless driving as it may cause you some extra charges still when you damage the car or even on the road by traffic officers.

7) Check the fuel policy:

Different rental companies offer different fuel policies. The most common is ‘full to full’, which means you pick the car up with a full tank and return it with a full tank. This is usually the cheapest option as you only pay for the fuel you use.

Some car rental companies, however, use ‘full to empty’ policy where you don’t have to refill the tank after your trip. So that’s it, you’re off, with more money in your pocket to enjoy your trip. Bon voyage!

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