Kigali City Sightseeing

Kigali city tour

Finding your way around Kigali

Overview Finding your way around Kigali’s rolling hills can be tricky for new visitors while on Kigali City Sightseeing mission. Embark on a full-day tour led by a local guide from Kigali car rentals to help locate the city’s top attractions and hidden gems, such as Gahanga’s local market, a modern shoemaker, and the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Save time navigating with included hotel pickup and drop-off, and enjoy a relaxed small-group excursion with lunch and refreshment included in the price. Gain a comprehensive overview of Kigali’s center and suburbs in one day Benefit from the insider knowledge of your local guide from Kigali car rentals.

Enjoy the more exclusive experience of a small-group tour Avoid hidden costs with round-trip transfer, lunch, and an aperitif included

Kigali City tour

Kigali City Sightseeing-Kigali Markets

Walking through the neighborhood of Remera, you’ll eventually end up in Kimironko, home to a large covered market. Outside the main market, stalls sell everything from meat and fish to sunglasses and household items. But it is once you get inside the structure that you will see fruit and vegetable stands extending in every direction. Packed with carrots, onions, potatoes, lemons, cucumbers, herbs, spices, dried beans and anything else you can imagine in extraordinary abundance, there is no wonder why locals and visitors alike choose it for their grocery shopping. Hire one of the local guides to lead you around on your first visit and have fun.

Kigali City Market

What to expect while visiting Kigali

Days can get hot in Kigali, so be prepared for the hot sun (bring your sunblock). However, once the sun goes down, the temperature drops in the evening due to the higher elevation of Kigali. It is good to bring layers or a light jacket/hoodie for the evenings.

Kigali has local mini-bus transportation called matatus. They have many routes and cover all of Kigali, but it could get confusing and timely. It is best to hire a taxi or moto-taxi while in Kigali between all of your sights.

Nighttime in Kigali is safe and you should not feel in danger if you are out after dark. With that said, there are always opportunists, so be cautious about where you are after dark.

Kigali town

Security in Kigali

Kigali city is considered one of the safest cities in the world, with very few crime incidences and the Police is stationed in every corner of the city, to keep law and order. the Police men are respected and do not take bribes.

Kigali Public Transport

Public transport in Kigali city is very organized and really works, Visitors to Kigali have a quite a number of  options for getting around the city and the rest of the country with public transportation. The Matatu is the main form of public transportation available in the city of Kigali . These minibuses are similar to taxis, and are a form of shared transportation, which means that drivers will pick up passengers at the roadside as long as there is room in the van. They run set routes that connect major areas around the city, and generally don’t begin a trip until the bus is full. Matatus are a good way of getting around the immediate city. The bus Fares are set by RURA and prety much affordable. Generally matatus can be waved down at the sides of major roads, and found outside of major public areas where there are set stops. One has got to purchase a Card prior to bording the bus, this is the Tap and Go system to ease transportation in Kigali.

The fast way of travel within the city is by motor bike. “Moto” and the riders are polite and orderly,

Kigali car Rentals;

If you chose to have a husle free holiday, we at Kigali car rentals will take you Kigali City Sightseeing, in our famous 1 day Kigali City tour.This wonderful tour will give you an opportunity to get familier with your way arround the city. Our Driver guides will make sure you have a nice time in the city, Visiting the Genocide Memorial, Craft Shops, Markets and many more at your own pace with our Company African Safari Journeys.

Kigali city tour
Kigali public Tour

Nyamirambo Walking Tours

Kigali car rentals will introduce you to bustling, colorful Kigali on the Kigali City tour. Discover hidden highlights to the city as you travel behind the scenes with locals. Visits mosques in the Muslim quarter, join a Rwandan family for a traditional, home-cooked lunch, and mingle with locals in local shops and markets. A half-day guided tour of Kigali’s hidden corners Get a local’s perspective on the bustling Rwandan capital with visits to local shops Get a chance to have your hair braided, or order clothing from the tailor Lunch and hotel pickup are included

Kigali City tour