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Kigali City Tour Experience

Kigali City Tour Experience

Have the best Kigali City Tour Experience by visiting Rwanda with Kigali Car Rentals.

The essence of Kigali city

Kigali City Tour Experience combines and creates lifetime memories in the field of history, architecture, and culture of Rwanda.  The beauty of Kigali city is built from the first modern building which laid the foundations Kigali, the city of Rwanda.  From the main city, there are the outskirts of Kigali to give you a different daily life experience of Rwanda people. On the journey of touring Kigali, there are numerous races that are attracted to the city because its among the safest and clean few cities in the continent of Africa. This has also attracted several high-level conferences and activities from different parts of the world. The majority of the tourists are impressed and inspired by the clean streets, the green environment, flower gardens, and warm welcoming people of Rwanda.

Kigali city market
Kigali city market

City markets, genocide sites, restaurants, and craft shops are some of the stopovers within Kigali. City markets have well-organized stalls with a variety of African fresh fruits, vegetables, and foodstuffs. The city market has different sections of items whereby others may have handcrafted goods which could be bought as souvenirs.

Putting all the above aside, a visit to the Genocide memorial center and museums within the city is a must such as the Museum of Natural History (exhibiting Rwanda’s geology and natural wonders).

On the day of the Kigali city tour experience, find time to interact with the artisans of the Inema Art Centre. Have your summarised questions aside of what you want to find out and surely at the end you will be answered and created Rwandese friends. The other ideal place in Kigali City is the art gallery with colourful paintings where you take time to capture a number of photographs with the sculptures and the musical dancers of the day. During the musical performances, you may pick a leaf of the dancing styles of Rwanda. Later have a stopover at a restaurant to energize your body levels with Rwanda cuisine.

The Kigali city tour experience can be taken as an additional activity of Rwanda safaris such as gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, Rwanda cultural tour, or Rwanda birding safari or as a tour on itself due to the many items/places to be visited. Kigali city is divided into 3 districts: Nyarugenge, Gasabo, and Kicukiro. At the end of the Kigali city tour experience, you will have concluded why Rwanda is called “the land of thousand hills”. Kigali city is the number one vibrant commercial center in Rwanda from the start of the year to the end.

Means on how to tour Kigali city
As said earlier,  Kigali city is among the few safe cities with a highly developed public transport system that will take you to the different corners of the city and leave no stone unturned. The public means include buses, coasters, and taxis at an affordable price. Taking a walk around town is also possible but so hectic that you might not reach to some interesting places. The best option is hiring a car from one of the best car rental companies around town, KIGALI CAR RENTAL.  We are easily reachable and offer different services, for more please contact us through our website ( or give us a call.  Our tour car can be hired with an experienced driver who knows all the interesting corners of the city.

Detailed itinerary of the things to do and see in Kigali city 
A hired car with a chauffeur, a different well-organized process we have to go through with you, our client. We have a list of proposed sites shared among us, driver, and the client such that you choose which you prefer to visit and which should be eliminated or left out from the list. Feel at home to discuss your interests with the driver and all your request must be within the city.

A visit to Kandt house or the museum of natural history.  The Kandt House Museum is one of the eight museums that make up the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda. Initially, it’s where Dr. Richard Kandt the first German colonial resident of Rwanda resided. The visit doesn’t to this museum doesn’t take long hours which could be one and a half hours from the time you started touring. The number of hours depends on the time you engage with the museum guide.

Kigali City Tour Experience
The museum of natural history

Presidential museum. This was a former presidential palace on the eastern outskirts of the city years ago. It contains  ‘secret’ rooms and other interesting rooms like the old presidential nightclubs. Wreckage from Juvenal Habyarimana’s presidential plane can still be seen where it was shot down over his garden wall. It’s one of the changing faces of the city and you have the opportunity to some of Rwanda’s history.

Handcraft centers. This is a section on the city market and a few places away from the cant but still within the city. Take your time to associate and take pictures with the Rwandese people. During this time, buying souvenirs is optional but in return, you support the different families in Rwanda.
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