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Kigali City Tour

Kigali has relatively few tourists but those that take the time to explore the city are rewarded by a friendly response from
locals and a more rounded insight into the country as a whole

Book your self a Kigali City Tour for one day or consider the half day Kigali city tour incase you do not have much time inKigali. Kigali car rentals will take you around Kigali City and give you an insight as to why its known as one of Africa’s fast growing cities in Africa. located at the centre of Rwanda. From here the roads radiate outwards, like the spokes of a wheel, and hence on most Rwanda holidays you’ll occasionally spend a night here as part of any itinerary. It’s a pleasant city scattered over several hills with enough to do to keep visitors occupied for a couple of days, easy to walk around with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants for sustenance.

One of the first things most people notice while on the Kigali city tour is that, unlike other cities in African, Kigali is spotlessly clean, partly because plastic bags are banned in the country but also because of a universal service called Umuganda when everyone gets together on the last Saturday morning of each month working on community projects like keeping streets clean, tending to gardens and helping neighbors. Umuganda is declared a holiday in Rwanda during this time – most shops and businesses will be closed for the morning. Kigali Car rentals is on stand by to take you round on a Kigali City tour, or you can simply choose to self drive in Kigali

The Kigali City tour could be part of an exclusive car hire package we offer you at kigali car rentals or it could be part of your Rwanda safaris itinerary before or after the Rwanda gorilla trekking, a Rwanda cultural tour starting in Kigali or a visit to Nyungwe forest for the canopy walk or the famous chimpanzee trekking. packaged as a one day Kigali city tour or half-day Kigali city tour by our mother company African Safari Journeys, Kigali car rentals together with our professional driver guides will execute this memorable tour to your satisfaction.

Kigali being the capital city of Rwanda and the country’s vibrant commercial centre, allows you visit any time of the year because of its moderate climate.

Kigali City has been named as one of the cleanest and safest cities in Africa, and as a result, attracts visitors in large numbers as well as investors. Kigali City now hosts several high-level conferences and activities bringing a number of delegates from all over the world.

Kigali Site-seeing - What to do in Kigali

Getting around Kigali city

Our 1 day Kigali city tour also focuses on showing you how Kigali has a developed public transport system compared to many other African cities. There are designated bus and taxi stops from which you can take your public transport which is can be anything from 18 seater taxis, coasters and buses. You have an option of walking to some of the sights that may be in walk-able distance for you, Kigali city is a pleasant place to walk with clear walkways. Alternatively you can take ‘moto’ which is motorcycle taxi to the various locations you are interested in.

However for purposes of visiting the different attractions in a day and for this 1 Day Kigali City Tour, you will take our tour vehicle with an experience tour guide to the different sites you are interested in visiting while on this Kigali city tour.

Finding your way around Kigali

Overview Finding your way around Kigali’s rolling hills can be tricky for new visitors while on Kigali City Sightseeing mission. Embark on a full-day tour led by a local guide from Kigali car rentals to help locate the city’s top attractions and hidden gems, such as Gahanga’s local market, a modern shoemaker, and the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Save time navigating with included hotel pickup and drop-off, and enjoy a relaxed small-group excursion with lunch and refreshment included in the price. Gain a comprehensive overview of Kigali’s center and suburbs in one day Benefit from the insider knowledge of your local guide from Kigali car rentals.

Enjoy the more exclusive experience of a small-group tour Avoid hidden costs with round-trip transfer, lunch, and an aperitif included

Kigali Markets

Walking through the neighborhood of Remera, you’ll eventually end up in Kimironko, home to a large covered market. Outside the main market, stalls sell everything from meat and fish to sunglasses and household items. But it is once you get inside the structure that you will see fruit and vegetable stands extending in every direction. Packed with carrots, onions, potatoes, lemons, cucumbers, herbs, spices, dried beans and anything else you can imagine in extraordinary abundance, there is no wonder why locals and visitors alike choose it for their grocery shopping. Hire one of the local guides to lead you around on your first visit and have fun.

What to expect while visiting Kigali

Days can get hot in Kigali, so be prepared for the hot sun (bring your sunblock). However, once the sun goes down, the temperature drops in the evening due to the higher elevation of Kigali. It is good to bring layers or a light jacket/hoodie for the evenings.

Kigali has local mini-bus transportation called matatus. They have many routes and cover all of Kigali, but it could get confusing and timely. It is best to hire a taxi or moto-taxi while in Kigali between all of your sights.

Nighttime in Kigali is safe and you should not feel in danger if you are out after dark. With that said, there are always opportunists, so be cautious about where you are after dark.

Kigali Public Transport

Public transport in Kigali city is very organized and really works, Visitors to Kigali have a quite a number of  options for getting around the city and the rest of the country with public transportation. The Matatu is the main form of public transportation available in the city of Kigali . These minibuses are similar to taxis, and are a form of shared transportation, which means that drivers will pick up passengers at the roadside as long as there is room in the van. They run set routes that connect major areas around the city, and generally don’t begin a trip until the bus is full. Matatus are a good way of getting around the immediate city. The bus Fares are set by RURA and prety much affordable. Generally matatus can be waved down at the sides of major roads, and found outside of major public areas where there are set stops. One has got to purchase a Card prior to bording the bus, this is the Tap and Go system to ease transportation in Kigali.

The fast way of travel within the city is by motor bike. “Moto” and the riders are polite and orderly,

Nyamirambo Walking Tours

Kigali car rentals will introduce you to bustling, colorful Kigali on the Kigali City tour. Discover hidden highlights to the city as you travel behind the scenes with locals. Visits mosques in the Muslim quarter, join a Rwandan family for a traditional, home-cooked lunch, and mingle with locals in local shops and markets. A half-day guided tour of Kigali’s hidden corners Get a local’s perspective on the bustling Rwandan capital with visits to local shops Get a chance to have your hair braided, or order clothing from the tailor Lunch and hotel pickup are included

1 Day Kigali City Tour

Kigali car rentals now offering the famous Kigali City tour at amazing prices, Get to know the beautiful and amazing Kigali city with Kigali car rentals as your guides. The Kigali City Tour experience is the best way to see and experience Kigali!

Number of people123456
Price per person$230$130$100$90$80$70
  • Our City Tour is designed to give you an intimate view of Kigali on a fun, action packed day.
  • Our tour is the perfect way to kick off your visit to Rwanda and give you the confidence to explore on your own.
  • Your guide from Kigali car rentals will be a resident who is families with Kigali city.
  • The tour visits a wide range of places to give you a varied yet intimate view of the city and give you great insight to the city and country in just one day.

Kigali City tour Highlights

  • Familiarise yourself with Kigali on a comprehensive city tour
  • Benefit from the insider knowledge of your local guide
  • Tick off top attractions including Mt. Kigali and Kigali City Market
  • Avoid hidden costs with lunch, refreshments, and hotel drop-off included

What to Expect

Your tour starts at 9:30am (details provided in confirmation email) for an introduction. From there you will head off to the city for a great day of sightseeing. Travel through Nyamirambo to the top of of Mt. Kigali for views of the city and the countryside; sip milk at a milk bar; visit a market where you’ll taste fruits; go to a public art walk led by a local artist; refuel with a great Rwandan lunch; stop for the best coffee around; travel by water taxi and more!

The Kigali City Tour provides an in-depth look at Kigali, its past as well as present, guaranteeing that you to experience the lively Kigali city.  Fortunately Kigali which is Rwanda’s capital is blessed with a moderate climate all through the year. its as well a lively  commercial center of the country. Kigali is especially beautiful at nighttime with its lights glimmering over some of the thousand hills in the country.

Kigali is divided into 3 districts: Nyarugenge, Gasabo and Kicukiro and is populated by a million people. Your Kigali City Tour starts as a historic journey with a guided tour through the initial modern building from which this capital was founded, to the fast developing neighborhoods which are changing the appearance of this city. Kigali is among the cleanest, most friendly and safest cities in Africa attracting several visitors plus investors.

Kigali City was established in 1907 just as a tiny colonial out-post by Dr. Richard Kandt, who was the very first resident German colonialist in Rwanda. he live at the foothills of  Mounts Jali and  Kigali in the middle of the city and today this was turned into a Natural History Museum honoring his great work; it is a very common stop for the city tours.

During the tour, guests will pass through the older commercial “quarters”, residential areas and business areas of Kigali, visit some of the historic sites established in memory of the 1994 brutal Tutsi Genocide, have a guided tour to the Gisozi Genocide Memorial, as also find out more about the  various neighborhoods as well as local attractions of the city. Come and personally experience this beautiful yet very clean country.

The city hosts a number of bars, great coffee shops as well as local plus international restaurants offering Chinese, Greek, Italian, Thai, North African plus East African cuisines. Resto-bars are actually a favorite to the Kigali’s residents since the people enjoy the scrumptious meal and the great music plus drinks. Kigali’s vibrant nightlife is certainly the best entertainment for any visitor.

Our Key spots in the Kigali City tour experience will be:

The Kigali City Tour starts at the top of Mt. Kigali to have a scenic overview of the city and the countryside,

  • The milk bar experience,
  • The Local markets, a mural walk,
  • Enjoy Food testing event at lunch time,
  • The Rwanda coffee experience,
  • Get to ride on a local taxi, a neighbourhood walk and ends at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.
The Kigali City tour starts at 8:00 am and ends around5:30pm at The Kigali Genocide Memorial. Our driver and vehicle will wait with you until 5pm(when the memorial closes) for those interested. We highly recommend visiting the Genocide Memorial.
There is also the option to get a ride back to your hotel at 3:30pm for those not interested in visiting the Memorial centre during the Kigali City Tour.
You also have the option for Self-drive on this tour.
What’s included in the Kigali City Tour Package?
  • Transportation by private vehicle for the day and drop off at the end of the tour (pickup not included).
  • Lunch, snacks & coffee


  • Group Size: 1 – 12
  • Cost: $95 per person
  • Timing: 8:00am to 5pm
  • Tours offered:daily, except for the last Saturday of every month
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