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kigali international airport travelling tips

Kigali International airport traveling tips

Get the latest Kigali International airport traveling tips
Kigali international airport is the main hub of air transport in Rwanda. It is located within the capital city of Rwanda Kigali city. Many people who come to Rwanda pass through Kigali air hub terminal. These come for business, political reasons while others come to have a good time touring Rwanda at large as they look at the various tourist attractions in Rwanda.

However, all these need an airport transfer to reach their destinations or hotel. There are very means of ground transportation used to get in and away from Kigali international airport since it is within the capital city.

Here we are going to go through the different means of ground transport used to get in and out of Kigali international airport in Rwanda

Traveler can use car hire services in Rwanda as this has become the most popular means of Kigali airport transfers due to the fact there are a lot of car hire companies in Kigali that are offer cars for rent at affordable rates with remarkable services. Many people prefer using car rental in Kigali because they are convenient, safe, and reliable.

Furthermore, there are fast and very comfortable as there is always a professional driver on the wheels who knows every route in Kigali and Rwanda at large. These are always available at any time of the day as they operate 24/7. This is the best travel option for one’s airport transfer.

Other ways used to get in and out of Kigali international airport.

Airport taxis are one of the means that are used for airport transfer in Rwanda. These are always around the airport waiting for the traveler to get out of the terminal to take them to their various destinations. All you need to do is agree on the price for the airport transfer with the driver then you are good to go. However, these are expensive as they are always in high demand by very many travelers.

There are also public buses in Kigali which are always passing by the airport leading their way to Lemera town. So, as one gets out of the airport he/she can embark on one but these are not reliable as one has to wait for them to pass by the airport to embark on them and they do not operate 24 hours. One can mostly use them during the day. If one is getting into the airport then he/she will have to get to the public transport park to board one to take him or her to the airport.

Some people use motorbikes for airport transfer. These are also called boda-bodas and they have certain stages around Kigali or some are found while moving but these are not as safe as they are always threatened by the big vehicles while on the road.

Some people use a residential car in particular the nationals of Rwanda who live in the country. They are always picked up and dropped at the airport by their relatives.

However, with all the above options of airport transfer, car hire services in Rwanda are the best since they offer the traveler safety, convenience, and reliance which are every traveler’s dream after a long haul flight or before it.

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