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Reasons To Hire Cars In Rwanda

Kigali Street Parking

Kigali Street Parking: how does it work? Are you planning on Renting a car in Rwanda ?, You will most definitely need to know details on Kigali Street Parking.

If you opt to rent a car on self drive in Rwanda, it is important to know that Kigali Street Parking is billed depending on the time you take parked.

“Once you park, a short message (SMS) will be sent to Kigali car rentals notifying us that our car is being checked-in a parking lot at a specified location,”.

After you have parked, We will receive an SMS. For every hour spent in public parking, You will be charged Rwf 100.

“Once you are done with your business, the staff working with parking will inform you the total amount to pay and then will clear you and sign you out,”  Two options of payment are possible; either through mobile money or cash.

Just in case you are on long term rental, you need to know that when you fail to pay for parking within seven days, We are fined with Rwf 10,000, so it is important to make the payment before you leave the parking spot.

Kigali Street Parking is managed by a Rwandan company called KVCS, a cooperative of ex-combatants with more than 650 trained employees operating in Kigali city, Muhanga, Musanze and Huye towns.

Kigali Street Parking: How the e-ticket system works

Payment can be done immediately or within the legal seven days on mobile money by using the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)prompts by dialing *799#.

Once one enters the above digits, the system requests for one to register vehicle’s number plate, and to provide preferable payment mode. The system also sends information to us on non-cleared bills.

The SMS indicating that your car is being checked also bears the place where the car is parked.

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