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Land Rover Defender, rwanda car hire

Land Rover Defender

Rent the Land Rover Defender at only 150 USD less Fuel and Driver. The Defender is a Legendary powerful 4×4 car, ready to go on any safari at any one time. Available for hire both in Kigali and outside Kigali.

Land Rovers are known for their ability to take on whatever roads and weather that comes their way and the Defender stays true to the brand. Its hard-to-beat performance capabilities and luxurious comforts make a Land Rover Defender rental an attractive choice for those who believe the drive is just as much a part of the journey. This car is available for self drive in Rwanda and comes with free camping gear

For years, this vehicle has been the car of choice for some of the hardest conditions known to man. For the thousand hills of Rwanda, the defender has demonstrated extraordinary ability to traverse all corners. This makes it the prefered car for Game drives in most tourist destinations in Rwanda and in some of the worlds’ hardest to reach places.

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Land Rover Defender
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