A Simple Guide to the Memorial Sites in Rwanda

Memorial Sites in Rwanda…Rwanda is endowed with the magical scenery of Lake Burera and Ruhondo(Twin lakes) just like in Uganda located between Musanze and the Ugandan border. They are as aresult of a volcanic eruption which blocked river Nyabarongo that was flowing towards the northern part of Rwanda and both lakes occupy a total area of  2800 hectares of land. Particularly, they are located in Rwanda with in Musanze district at the base of Mount Muhabura a walk away from the Volcanoes national park. The name twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo were named so because they are situated in the same areas and their physical connection(the mystery, which also makes it magical, is how a lake flows into another lake). Expect to pay the price but the landscape is really great, with the volcanoes in the background, a very rural relaxing place with fresh air. As it happens, Lake Burera is almost 150 meters higher than Lake Ruhondo. Relaxing at the lake shores, exposes you to various beautiful view of the landscape, wetland habitat, and water birds, Virunga volcanoes, local communities and attractions in the neighboring uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These breathtaking lakes are suitably located at the base of Mt. Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo. The hills give a superb view coupled with the sight of the waterfalls. Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera occupy an area of around 3000 ha.

Going around the lakes is quite a journey and to be able to see both lakes, especially the part where one lake flows into another requires an aerial view. For bird-lovers, dont forget to carry a pair of binoculars. On a tour to the twin lakes, take time to notice the swamp that is full of ridges producing black water, which looks like oil and joins with laterite coloured water and then flows into Lake Burera via Mukungwa dam. The scenery around the lakes is spectacular; the land is terraced and surrounded by farmlands. In the middle of these two lakes, there are islands with inhabitants whose primary occupation is fishing.The canoe ride also rewards travelers with a glimpse of the vast Arabica coffee platations, spectacular views of the green vegetation and some little birds of the water shores in the afternoon. Incase time allows, the travelers engage in the local economic activities, culture and tradition of RwanTo reach the twin lakes, the terrain is rough, rocky and difficult to maneuver but with Kigali Car Rentals‘ vehicles, it’s not a problem.

Depending on your current location it’s not far to reach, forinstance its about 17km-20km from Kigali. Standing at a certain point gives a different scenic view, at Virunga Lodge point lakes can be seen and mountains, Muhabura, Gahinga, Sabyinyo, Bisoke. However,  Ntaruka dam middle part and  Mt. Karisimbi can’t be visible from this point. The magical flow of water is at point Mukungwa dam where lake Burera begins from the left corner. For a better view of the two water bodies, enter a dusty road, 20km to a small trading center of Kirambo to see where the water that goes into Mukungwa comes from. Stand over a bridge, you will notice from afar the difference between the two lakes in terms of levels and also find out that the water comes from a swamp.The twin lakes are gifted with no dangerous water animals like crocodiles which assures safe stay at the shores. The interesting moment is the time of interracting with the local people that a traveler to Rwanda shouldn’t miss.

Memorial Sites in Rwanda