Mountain Karisimbi

Let’s get down to the business of climbing mountains in pursuit of adventure. There are eight mountains within the Virunga chain. Five of them are located along Rwanda’s northern border. The slopes are home to the famous mountain gorillas from which substantial amounts of dollars are milked. Climbing the volcanoes is a tall order but you will enjoy the beauty every step of the way. Karisimbi, Bisoke, Gahinga and Muhabura offer great hiking experiences and guarantee a lifetime of memories. Sabyinyo’s summit is not accessible from the Rwandan side but as more and more travelers try to lose and find themselves thousands of meters above the sea level, the way to its highest point is likely to be created soon. The air is thinner and the force of gravity is weaker. Peaks are often foggy but on a lucky day, the view of the surrounding landscapes is breathtaking. Hiking mountain Karisimbi, diffrent features are seen in a different position for instance the crater on mt. Bisoke seems to have changed its location. At Karisimbi’s vantage point, you will see Mount Mikeno soaring to the clouds on the other side of the border. At some point during mountain Karisimbi expedition, you need to hold branches of trees firmly with also the support of your hiking stick and pull yourself higher and higher. For new hikers train yourself and master climbing techniques.

Getting to the summit is optional but coming back is mandatory and rewarding. Descending presents its own set of challenges. Each step downhill obliged the leading knee to absorb the total body weight magnified by gravitational force. Along your journey to Moutain Karisimbi, you realise   buffalo dung a few times and buffaloes running their usual errands in the area.


Activities carried out on Mountain Karisimbi:-

Camping: It takes around three hours to reach the campsite set up 3,500 meters above sea level. The travelers may plan to rest and resume hiking in the morning of the second day with the guide and the security team.It is advisable to spend some time at the camp, acclimating to the limited supply of oxygen, before proceeding to the top. Rapid exposure to low density air can cause a high altitude sickness which drains energy like an illicit brew-induced hangover. However to some travelers they aim at reaching the summit in time so may decide to ignaore this. Requirements for hiking are  hiking boots, a torch and a sleeping bag. Then later back to the camp, have bonfire and diner for the night.