Nyamata Genocide Site.

Formerly, Nyamata Genocide Site was a Roman Catholic Church and later changed into a memorial to the victims of the genocide. Visitors on arrival greeted by a local guide who accompanies them around the site. The victim’s belongings like clothes are displayed. This was to provide firm evidence to would-be genocide deniers in further generations. This memorial center includes both the bodies of victims who were killed in the church and the nearby areas. Currently, inside the church, is a purple and white cloth, the symbolic colors in Rwanda for mourning and hope. Since then 11th of April every year is dedicated to the commemoration of the victims killed at this site.

The victims hide in the church thinking it was a holy place not knowing it was a trap. Around 10,000 were murdered inside and others outside by Hutu killers.  Today, the skulls and bones are displayed for the victims.

The guided tour starts inside the main church building itself,  past a metal gate that is bent and twisted from when the Hutu killers forced their way into the church with the aid of grenades. Grenades left holes in the church walls and rooftops. Mere seeing the amount of blood-stained clothing gives you a rough impression of the number of victims that were killed. Some victims were killed at the altar of the church this signifies that their brutality had no limit. This makes it un-imaginable of how the church was crowded when the massacre began. Along the tour, the guide narrates calmly the mass slaughter that took place in the 1994’s. Many kinds of stuff are displayed including the weapons that were used during the massacre.