Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial

The catholic church in the Eastern province, Kirehe district turned to be Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial located 140km from Kigali city after the tragic incident in 1994.  Historically, over 2000 victims were believed to have killed from it. Only speaking about Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial brings tears in the eyes of the people in that district.  The school and buildings of the Benebikira Sisters are part of the memorial site which also reflects. Mayor Sylvester was the leader in this brutal murder, supported and motivated the Hutu killers to rape the innocent girls and ladies. On top of that, he supplied different types of equipment (weapons) for torturing.


However, this memorial center is currently used as a church by the neighboring people and visitors who would wish to attend a service. The church was developed, flower gardens are over the grounds. A big portion was the Tusti with few Hutus’ who had sought refuge unknowing the Hutus’ murder had no limit. No matter babies or children were all slaughtered like animals since it could be the next generation. The Hutu killers used spears, machetes, rifles, clubs, hand grenades, and automatic weapons. The Interahamwe of then and the authorities put down the church by a bulldozer.