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Car offers and Covid Updates

Looking for Car offers and Covid Updates. Still, planning to visit Rwanda in 2020 post the Covid 19 lockdown? Kigali car rentals has got you covered. We have crafted the best car offers including cheap car experience. Our well-maintained cars are suitable to use on all roads in this East African country.
Hire a car with Kigali Car Rentals to make sure that you enjoy your road trip through Rwanda

Car offers and Covid UpdatesHow to Access our car offer in Kigali

We have build a reputable and trusted company and we are now giving every customer an offer to be able to afford our services. Our long-awaited Car offers and Covid Updates are here now. Our trained staff are always available to assist you with all the information you need to know about hiring a car and choosing the best 4×4 car rental option for you depending on the need for the vehicle.

Kigali car rentals have also crafted an easy way to access our services as listed below ;
1. Simply Sending an Inquiry. You can rent by simply sending an inquiry through our contact us page. Let us know when you need the car, where you need to travel to and your travel plans, and our team will advise you accordingly.

2. Calling our Reservation team: Talk to a Kigali car rental expert on +250 783 008 990 and book a car directly. car service.

If you confirm your car rental booking with us, we will immediately reserve the car for the date and agree with you on the drop-off and pickup venues and wait for you to arrive.

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