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Pack List For Rwanda Self Drive Trip

Pack list for Rwanda Self Drive Trip

Rwanda self drive is such an extensive experience that involves spending long hours and time on the road visiting different tourism destinations. This is not a walk in the leisure park, one has to prepare and plan for it mentally, materialistically and financially. Today, we are looking at the material preparation of the Rwanda self drive trip. Here is the Pack list for Rwanda Self Drive Trip travellers must have to enjoy and have a successful self drive trip in Rwanda.

Below is the pack list for Rwanda self drive trip

4×4 Rental vehicle

The vehicle is the first item you will need for a Rwanda self drive trip since you will have to drive on your own to explore Rwanda. Hire a 4×4 car which is conducive for all terrains. The rental car must come with a spare tyre, wheel spanner and jack.

Jungle clothes and attires

There are specific clothes made for African safari travel. The Fabric must be lightweight and breathable with neutral colours like khaki, green, brown and cream. Short and long clothes must be packed and must be worn in regards to the environment to visit at a particular time. For example, if you are visiting a forest, you must wear long-sleeved tops and trousers to prevent sharp plants and other objects from piercing and irritating your body. In the open savannah plains and beaches, short clothes are ideal to wear. A cap and sunglasses are also a necessity on a sunny day.  A rain jacket must be added to the closet. Rwanda has an equatorial climate; the weather is unpredictable it can rain any time of the day.

Hiking boots.

Some of the places to visit and activities to engage in require trekking hence a need to pack jungle boots. They should be ankle covering, leather, soft inside and with great grips to enable you to have a comfortable walk around the jungles of Rwanda.

Camera and binocular

Rwanda self drive safaris are all about capturing wildlife species and stunning landscapes and every moment with them. A camera with good lenses must come in hand to have outstanding pictures and videos. You shouldn’t forget the binocular to enhance your game viewing experience especially the birds and mammals in the far wilderness.

Smartphone and local sim card

We are in a digital world where the internet has become a necessity. We tend to do a lot of things on our smartphones or any other electronic gadget compatible with the internet for example communication, business, paying bills and also having fun. Therefore, you need a smartphone with a local sim card with internet to keep in touch with your people. The google maps on your smartphone can also offer directions to the places to visit on a Rwanda self drive trip.

Medical kit

You can never know what may happen on the trip, you have no guarantees on your health situation. You can get sick or injured anytime and anywhere. Carry a first aid box and pack antibiotics and malarial tablets to treat yourself in case illness or injuries invade. In the tropics, bacteria infections and malaria are the most common diseases and this is why you have to carry antibiotics and malarial tablets.


Sun jelly, insect repellents, tissue, bathing soap, towel, laundry soap, deodorants must be carried to take care of your body and keep hygiene.  Face masks and hand sanitiser must also be packed to protect yourself from contracting covid-19.

Credit/visa card and cash

Rwanda is more of a cash economy; most businesses prefer cash transactions to electronic ones. Carry some dollars which can easily be converted to Rwanda francs to use while purchasing local items. The Visa or credit card can be used to pay for accommodation, park activities and car rental services.

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