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Hiring A Car With A Driver In Rwanda

Points to Note When Hiring a Car with a Driver in Rwanda

Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences one can ever have in a lifetime and you must ensure that everything goes on in a rightful manner. When anything goes wrong, the whole experience may be ruined. Here are some Points to Note When Hiring a Car with a Driver in Rwanda.

The transport means are the fundamental item of any trip, you have to make sure that you hire a car from a competent company to have a smooth ride. If you don’t so, your trip might fall apart even before it starts.

If you are in the course of renting a car for your Rwanda safari trip, the points below will be of help to you.


The first action you must take is to list down the rental companies in Rwanda with credible services. You can do the research on the internet by looking at their ratings on TripAdvisor or rankings on google. If you don’t want to go through the whole process, delegate the job to your travel agent back.


After noting down the top ten car rental agencies, read their reviews. What do past customers talk about them and their services? This can as well be done by going to their various trip advisor profiles. This will make you narrow down the list to at least five companies.

The vehicles to hire:

Once you have the shortlist of the rental agencies you wish to book with. Get to their websites, look at their fleet and check the kind of vehicles offered. Spot out the car that will best suit your travel nature. For instance, if you are going for a safari trip, four-wheel drive is the ideal vehicle for your expedition.

The drivers:

The chauffeur will be the steward of your trip, you need to know his credentials. Request the operator to tell you about his driving experience, his guiding acumen, proficiency in the English language, and also his general personality. This will make you ascertain the kind of person you will travel with on your trip. It will be very easy for the traveller to build a good relationship with genuine and experienced personnel because he will be helpful and honest which any visitor would wish for.

Car rental extra

You have travelled or used car rental services before, there are some extra items needed to make your Rwanda safari trip a remarkable one. These extras include camping gear, an extra baby seat, and a first aid box. If you need any of the aforementioned, request them from your operator.

To add, the vehicle must be comprehensively insured from theft, collision damage, and third party. The insurance makes the clients less liable for the unforeseeable issues that might happen to the car during their trip. Feel free to contact us for more Points to Note When Hiring a Car with a Driver in Rwanda.

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