Rwanda car hire FAQs

Rwanda car hire FAQs that you can’t miss out

Before renting or hiring your car in Rwanda for a self- drive. There are many questions that you need to ask and all of them shall fully contribute to the success in car hiring. One wise man once said that life is all about answering questions, the more you ask yourself questions the more answers you get and therefore there is always little room for errors rather you just enjoy life after knowing. If you are planning to use car rental/hiring services in Rwanda, here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

What is the purpose of my car hire in Rwanda?

People hire cars for different reasons. Some simply just want to live like a local by driving around the beautiful lanes of Rwanda, others might have come for an adventurous trip which requires them to visit several tourist attractions in Rwanda, and others could be business-related reasons. Whatever the reason, just hire a car that suites your cause. For example, if you are going for a safari in Rwanda, I expect to hire a safari car or something safari related and if you are going for a business deal or meeting, I wouldn’t expect you to hire a safari car.

How much do you have for hiring a car in Rwanda?

They say that money sometimes dictates our lives. You should know how much you are willing to spend for your car hire. This is very important because you shall end up making adjustments depending on how much you are willing to pay. For example, if you are planning to go for a safari and the amount of money you are willing to spend is less than $100, some of the safari cars you would be made available shall be completely different than if you are willing to pay more than that. Keep it simple, just know how much you are willing to spend and move along with your budget.

How long do I plan to hire the car for in Rwanda?

Normally before you hire a car, there is an agreement that is signed between you and the car rental companies where you specify the number of days you are going to be using the car. If you bleach such an agreement and you go for extra days, just know that you are likely to pay more than what you always pay per day-Know for long you intend to hire a car such that you don’t incur extra charges.
How many people are you travelling with?
I have seen people complain that the car is not enough for them but I always ask that what were you thinking when you were planning. Make sure you know the exact number of people who are planning to travel with you. For example, you cannot use a super custom car for more than 8 people on your safari in Rwanda? You just have to probably get another car. The logic is plan early to know how many cars you shall need or whether you shall need a bigger car depending on the people you are travelling with.

Does the rental car company provide any sort of insurance?
Travellers are more familiar with travel insurance; always find out where such an insurance cover any damages related to car renting. Always ask the rental car company if there is any sort of insurance for their cars. This shall give you an understanding of the risks you are about to take and how best to cover yourself against them.

What is the car’s mechanical condition?
A lot of drivers love to ride to the extent that the moment you give them the keys for any car, they just drive off. Many don’t consider the mechanical condition of the car. Well, don’t forget to ask that with your car rental company. For example, when you are travelling for activities like gorilla trekking or wildlife, I would expect you to have a 4 wheel car which can adhere to any condition.

Are the weather conditions favorable for you?
The climate has changed so much that all over the world seasons have changed, the same is true in Rwanda. Sometimes it rains when it is not supposed to. Many people fear to drive in some conditions, always ask yourself if you are that type of driver and if you are willing to drive no matter what condition.

Does my driving permit give me permission to drive across Rwanda?
When you learn driving, they either give you an international permit or a local permit which is applicable to your country. however even in such cases, there are local permits of different countries which are allowed in other countries .For example, a driver in Uganda car easily come and drive in Rwanda as long as they have a driving permit. Ask your car rental company to understand whether can drive around Rwanda using your driving permit.
There are many more questions that you might think of that are truly important before you rent a car in Rwanda, the best advice would be to consult with your car rental agency and they shall be in position to answer. If you are looking for a reliable car rental agency in Rwanda, check with kigali car rentals.