Rwanda 4×4 car rental

Rwanda 4×4 car rental

Rwanda 4x4 car rental

Rwanda 4×4 car rental and Rwanda 4×4 car hire services are offered by Kigali car rentals. our cars are equipped with the best accessories to ensure that you shall have a hassle-free car hiring experience. There are so many cases where a 4×4 car is highly necessary in Rwanda.

Rwanda 4×4 car rental simplifies life

Most of the terrain in Africa is not tarmacked especially when you go around most of the national parks. Such roads sometimes become difficult to use during the rainy season. however, this can not stop you from visiting Rwanda. If you are planning to come for a wildlife safari or for business purposes and you anticipate that it might rain, it is always better to hire a 4×4 car. 4×4 cars in Rwanda can withstand any situation. The cars are particularly made to help during bad weather. with muddy roads in national parks, having a 4×4 car shall simplify life.

Rwanda 4×4 car rental provides the much needed security

You shall feel comfortable and relaxed when you are driving 4×4 car in Rwanda. you shall have assured security to going to do finish up your business. if you came for a wildlife and gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda, you can hire a Rwanda 4×4 car hire.If you hired a 4×4 car in Rwanda for business purposes, you shall be in the position to attend your Business meeting. even if it rains, you can always go during any weather.

4×4 Cars for rental in Rwanda

Rwanda 4x4 car rentalsKigali Car Rentals – rwanda 4×4 car hire,and rwanda 4×4 car rental. Looking for a 4X4 car for hire in Rwanda? we have a wide range of 4×4 cars that you can hire during your car hiring requests in Rwanda. We are hospitable and willing to listen to your demands. our employees and drivers are always flexible enough to give you the best service as per your demands To talk to us please call us on +250787809667 or email us via via

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for the last 10 years in business and counting, we have provided our clients with unmatchable 4×4 car services. we are quick to listen and always ready to offer you a tailor-made for your situation. our company ,kigali car rentals, shall surely offer you the best professional car hiring services.
consider hiring from us with a wide variety of cars. Our car fleet has got all the different types of cars where you can choose from in case you are ready to hire a car.
come and hire from us. If you are looking for an extension to Tanzania or Uganda, we shall be in position to give you that. Our drivers are professional enough to drive you throughout Rwanda however if you want to take a self drive around kigali.It is always possible. we are looking forward for you to book a car hire services with us.

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Features for this car typically include:

Air Bags | AM/FM Stereo Radio | 4-Cylinder | Automatic Transmission | Air Conditioning

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