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Rwanda Car rental Accommodation can be booked and reserved for you by  Kigali care rental .We ensure that you get the best self drive car rental experience in Rwanda.We drive you to a well planned routes on a self drive safari in Rwanda and reserve for you accommodation. Take advantage of our most recommended campsites and lodges that will spice up your car rental experience. We have visited most of these campsite and lodges however not all but some have been recommended by our last clients and here we present to you top-notch lodges and campsites.

Kigali has got a number of accommodations and that can be best categories into hotels, apartments and lodges that include budget, mid range and luxury accommodation to cater for various options for tourists who come to Rwanda.

Accessing Kigali is through Uganda’s major international Airport (Kigali International Airport) after which we drive  to your reserved hotel or accommodation in Kigali. Right away you will be obliged to pay 50 USD for the entrance visa, so have the cash prepared in real money (USD or RFW) to pay at travel permit control – they don’t acknowledge Master cards. Regardless check whether a visa is needed before landing for your particular nationality. Regularly you will need to show worldwide immunization authentication for Yellow Fever, however the condition is not connected strictly.

Kigali car rentals is  renown for our quality in booking you superior and high quality Rwanda Car rental Accommodation that suites our clients interests and eco-practices in Rwanda. We book all quality hotels in Rwanda as well as apartments, safari lodges and camps, from luxury to budget.Our prices are discounted for most hotels we deal with and give you the best price.

Hotels in Kigali

Kigali’s accommodation options are spread around the city and range from smart four or five star hotels to lower budget bed and breakfasts. While many are of a good international standard, our top pick being the stylish and comfortable Heaven Retreat, or are stayed in for the historical value such as Hotel des Mille Collines which was the basis for the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda, you should be aware that service can sometimes be slow in bars and restaurants. Take a look here to see our recommended hotels in Kigali.

Kigali Serena Hotel

Kigali Serena Hotel, formerly known as Kigali InterContinental Hotel, is a large, upmarket hotel with plenty of modern facilities. Located in Rwanda’s busy capital city, it is just 10km from Kigali International Airport.

Overall, on our last visit to the Kigali Serena in May 2017, we were really impressed. The hotel was clean and comfortable and we felt it had a much more relaxed feel than some of the other international hotels in the city. The service was friendly and relatively efficient (compared to our experiences elsewhere in Rwanda) and the food was good. This is our favourite option for a night or two in Kigali.

Hotel des Mille Collines

Set in large gardens in the heart of Kigali, the four-star Hotel des Mille Collines features in the film Hotel Rwanda. As in the film, the hotel attracts a largely business clientele, but its location also makes it a good base for exploring the Rwandan capital.

The Hotel des Mille Collines is a relatively standard, slightly anonymous, international hotel. Efforts have clearly been made to keep it up to date, although we felt that the rooms could benefit from refurbishment. We wouldn’t always mention a hotel like this for our travellers, but it offers standards of comfort that are relatively uncommon in hotels elsewhere in Rwanda, so is worth consideration for an overnight stop.

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