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Rwanda Free Damage Car Tips

Rwanda Free Damage Car Tips

Do you want to drive the car safely without any damage in Rwanda. consider going through these great Rwanda Free Damage Car Tips.

If you are a driver, there is nothing that is upsetting than having damages on a car which are probably caused by you. Everyone wants to keep a clean sheet when it comes to causing damages to cars and while we all do, a lot of times these situations just happen. My question is “can we really avoid such situations?” The answer is yes. Those entire car damages can really be avoided if we follow some simple steps. Here are some of the simple steps to follow to avoid damages to the cars which you hired from a car rental company in Rwanda.

Keep right.

If you are coming from an English speaking country chances are that you keep left, In Rwanda, cars keep right. That is the first rule you should establish in your heart. It is so easy to get mechanical damages or having a fatal accident if you are driving a car on the side where you are not supposed to. Here in Rwanda, we keep right and the basic rule to avoid all damages that would have happened is simply keep right. This a major one of the Rwanda Free Damage Car Tips.

Follow the road signs.

They say that experience is the best teacher but sometimes experience can be the worst teacher if you don’t follow the rules. The different road signs are put for the benefit of keeping us safe and therefore to remain safe, we should follow them. If a sign says drive at this speed, there is a reason to it-don’t disobey by driving according to your speed. It has been reported that most of the road accidents and damages are caused as a result of drivers not following the simple road signs put across. Don’t be among those drivers, simply follow the road signs to avoid several damages and you shall surely enjoy a drive-in Rwanda.

Avoid driving while you are drunk.

I know for most people that the only reason they claim that they enjoyed their trip to Rwanda is if they had a few drinks along the way. Drinking is not bad if you drink the right way. Don’t simply drink and drive at the same time. The best time to drink would be in the evening at your hotel/lodge when you are really sure that after that, it shall be time for you to go to sleep and relax. The personal damages caused as a result of driving while you are drunk can in most cases cause death because the person is already in an unconscious state before all of this happens. If you really want to preserve your life here in Rwanda and avoid any damages, I would highly recommend avoiding driving while you are drunk.

Move along with some money just in case.

A lot of people are used to a cashless society where they pay everything using their credit and debit cards, while this is true for some countries. Here in Rwanda, it might not be entirely true. You need to move with some money just in case, for example, imagine your car runs out of fuel or gets a car tire issue where you need a replacement, does that mean that you are going to call the rental company for help. Sometimes, you just need to take care of those simple damages by paying for them as a way of avoiding even bigger damages from happening to you. Just move along with some little money just to take care of those simple unforeseen circumstances that might lead to bigger damages.

Don’t drive while you are sick.

There are several sicknesses that make us weak or even impair our vision to the extent that once you drive, you are more likely to cause an accident. This is a global restriction that does not apply to only Rwanda but across the entire world-Drivers don’t drive while they are sick. Why? Because sickness makes them weak and sometimes weakens their vision which is very bad for a driver because to drive well; you need some energy and good vision.
All those mentioned tricks are really meant to help you and your rented car to be free from damages while you are in Rwanda. Enjoy the best of Rwanda which an experienced car rental company-Kigali Car Rentals.

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