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Rwanda Telephone Numbers To Save

Rwanda Telephone Numbers to Save.

A lot of people think about enjoy their trips to Rwanda without considering the safety measures. To fully enjoy life, you must consider security at all time. Why? Because life is chaotic, anything can happen along the way-you might find yourself needing help. Maybe you just want to verify some information or you urgently need help from police. Where do you start from? When you move to Rwanda, there are specific numbers that you need to store in your phone book for later use. Here are some of the Rwanda Telephone Numbers to Save.

 Rwanda Telephone numbers 

Since you decided to take a car hire service with a particular company, make sure that you always communicate to them in case of anything. We are humans and there are lots of resolutions we can come to even if something happens. For example, you could have rented a faulty car- car with in poor mechanical condition when the Rwanda car rental company is not really aware of it. In case such conditions happen, try to talk to them about it. I’m sure you shall come to a mutual understanding without any effects from both parties. Consider saving their office telephone number and a mobile number for one of the managers.

Rwanda Telephone numbers for Police Telephone number/contacts.

The purpose of the police is to keep law and order. You must know their toll free number and save it because you never know when you might need it. Someone might say that why I should really need a police toll free number. There are simple situations that police can be of great help. Imagine you get a scratch on the car you are hiring as a result of some other driver’s bad driving practices; you shall need the police’s help to resolve such a situation plus several other situations. Just save the police toll free number in your phone book. For more info Rwanda police

Ministry of foreign affairs’ Rwanda Telephone numbers

People coming into Rwanda have to be in touch with the ministry of foreign affairs in some way or the other because it is the ministry which is responsible for issuing out several visas, work permit and all other foreigner-related services. Make sure that you save their number because you shall definitely need their help. For more information visit Ministry of foreign affairs.

Your Embassy’s telephone phone contacts are among the Rwanda Telephone Numbers to Save.

If your country has an embassy in Rwanda, make sure you have their telephone number. The embassy is a representation of your home country in a foreign land. Embassies are always there for their people. Make sure that you have their numbers just for help in case you need them. You might say that I can always easily find their contact, I don’t really need to have it in my phone book; the fact is you need it because their situations which happen and you don’t have the time to search for the number rather you just need to call them.
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