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Money Saving Car Hire Tips In Rwanda

Money Saving Car Hire Tips in Rwanda

We all want to save money on the services we consume. And imagine that you are going to take a trip to Rwanda and you are planning on saving some little money, I would suggest making use of these Money Saving Car Hire Tips in Rwanda. There are so many cases where this is possible and if you are planning to cut your car rental budget such that you save some few dollars; here are some of the tips you should consider.

Know the routes.

A lot of people are always afraid of asking and by doing that they end making errors. Asking is a good thing because it helps you to know. Well, apply that same rule to driving. If you are going let’s say to Akagera National Park in Rwanda for a wildlife adventure and you don’t know the exact route to take you there. Don’t be afraid to ask. You can ask the locals for directions or use GPS. Ask your car rental service if your car comes along with the GPS, if it doesn’t you can always hire a GPS for a little fee. I would suggest for you to choose Garmin and Tom Tom Map as they are regularly updated. If all that fails, why not try your phone. If you are having a smartphone with internet, there is always a way you can access GPS services. If you really don’t know the routes, it might be costly in terms of time and fuel. This is one of the money saving car hire tips in Rwanda.

 Know where you are going.

Has it ever happened to you that someone gives you directions but you are not sure of where you are going; this is true and it happens most of the times to individuals! You find someone driving past the place where he/she is going several times only to come back to that exact location and they start narrating how they have missed the destination several times. Knowing where you are going shall always give you the confidence to travel and it shall cut down fuel costs. In most safari trips to Rwanda, you put enough fuel depending on the destination you are traveling to. If you happen to mess up just like that, you shall end up paying for your additional fuel.

Know exactly what you are going to do and for how long?

There are people who are always unsure about things-they always wait upon circumstances to happen for them to decide their fate. In traveling, things don’t go that way. You must have an itinerary with you. You must know what you are going to do and for how long. This is the only way you shall be sure of how much to spend of your car hire in Rwanda. Someone can say that “oh no!” I can just choose to go for a 3-day gorilla trekking safari to volcanoes national park even when in the initial place I wanted to go to Akagera National Park. All that is possible but you must really know where you are going and for how long to have a measurable car hire budget.

Avoid accidents and other damages along the way.

People always claim that accidents are unavoidable. To me that statement sounds inaccurate-it simply portrays irresponsibility. There are some many situations where you can avoid accidents. The simple logic in doing that is to follow and respect the road rules. If you do that, you would have saved some money that you would probably pay to the car rental services in case their car got some damages.

Are going to travel alone or with some other people?

Just know the number of people you are travelling with to enable you rent a car that shall accommodate all of you. It is that simple because if you are not sure, you might end hiring two cars or more than that instead of the right number which you should have hired in the first place. Contact us to know more about the money saving car hire tips in Rwanda.

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