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Self Drive In Akagera National Park, Rent A Car Rwanda

Self Drive in Akagera National Park

Self Drive in Akagera National Park is an amazing experience. Also referred as the Country of 1000 hills, Rwanda is one of the few African destinations where you can actually get to hire a car for self drive safaris so as to explore some of the spectacular wildlife, cultures and other unexplored attractions.

It is possible to undertake a self drive safari to visit Rwanda’s most magnificent Akagera National Park. You will come to discover that self driving is the best car rental option to enjoy during your Rwanda safari holiday.

However, you can’t talk about such safaris without knowing about some of the important tips you need prior to experiencing the wilderness in the Akagera National Game Park.

Always go slow while on Self Drive in Akagera National Park

It is always easier to identify the animals when driving slowly and not only that, there are less chances of the animals running away from your vehicle. Driving fast scares them thus will end up running away thus you will miss the opportunity of gazing and enjoying them as well as learning more about them.

Hire a ranger guide during the game drives

Ranger guides are qualified and good at what they do best, in that they know the animals, their behavior and other details thus it would be meaningful to have one on your car during the game drive. Additionally, they know all the corners of the National Park and where to find the extraordinary animals such as lions, elephants, hyenas and antelope species among others.

Be patient and avoid rushing

It is policy to drive slowly (40 kilometers per hour) within the National Parks but it pays off to always sit at the watering holes in the drier months because that’s where you are likely to spot numerous wildlife species-elephants, buffaloes and antelopes.

Always respect the animals especially the ones crossing

As earlier mentioned, don’t exceed the driving limit in the Park (40 kilometers per hour) and when you see an animal crossing, stop and let them pass. Not only that, don’t disturb and damage their vegetation but (don’t drive off the game tracks) but instead use a pair a binoculars to see them from afar.

It’s good to do it during break of dawn

Remember, the earliest bird catches the warmth thus it is advisable to start game drives because it increases chances of spotting the early raisers such as such as lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs, antelopes as well as other wildlife species within Akagera National Park.

Majority of the Safari Lodges have the habit of serving guests with breakfast from 5:30 am, so don’t be worried about waking up early and going for morning game drives without breakfast.

Also, don’t forget to carry a pair of binoculars and always pack enough drinking water and snacks for the self drives within the National Parks.

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