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Self Drive Rwanda Safari

Self Drive Rwanda Safari

Take a Self Drive Rwanda Safari and fully explore the best of wildlife in Rwanda. These wonderful safari tips are meant to offer you the best knowledge.

Navigating through the lush green vegetation and rolling a thousand hills of Rwanda is an amazing and impressive lifetime adventure in Rwanda. This also comes with renting a car in Rwanda National parks which requires total awareness and responsibility.

A self-drive Safari can turn into a menace if you approach such an adventure without formalizing with the natural environment you intend to discover on a Self Drive Rwanda Safari. This also applies through Kigali and the countryside, Things can actually go very wrong and yes your most precious time, money to travel, Rwanda Car Rental, and further adventure would come to a hault. We are talking about Self driving amidst wildlife and not domestic animals, wild animals that can be aggressive and destructive. It is quite an important aspect to formalize and be safe before you opt for the bet and so Kigali Car Rentals shares some of the Tips for a Safe drive.

Make use of the Park Rangers if you can

It sounds as a way to rip off your budgeted money or quite a little expensive but that would be the basis of your life safety. The park rangers are always armed (which shouldn’t be a scare) and yes informative about the park. It is the wild where anything can happen and the park ranger who is well informed with the area can be helpful. Instances are when attacked by a wild animal or with a mechanical problem in the wilderness amidst wildlife or driving through the right spots for better wildlife viewing.

Consider the rhythm of wildlife 

With a Self Drive Rwanda Safari in the wild, time passes a whole lot differently. Never try to rush wildlife across the road, or rush them along with your rented vehicle.  This is absolutely looking for trouble with your car rental through Uganda. Considerably respect and allow wildlife the freedom to move along at their own pace and yes wildlife has a right of way as stipulated by the wildlife governing body.  Although this may take patience on your part, you will be rewarded with wonderful wildlife sightings and safe interaction between man and wildlife.

Keep a distance

Like mentioned before, beasts in the wild have a right of way which requires you to stay 100m away from these animals and especially the Big 4. Driving closely to these animals may get them to self-defense mode against your car causing a threat to you and the Self Drive Rwanda rented car. In this scenario of the rented car, such incidents lie in reckless driving which in turn requires you to take full responsibility.

Expect Narrow and windy roads

Like many roads in Kigali, Rwanda,  and off the beaten track, these tend to be so narrow, and very few chances for overtaking other game viewing vehicles in the game reserve. In scenarios of overtaking, consider driving slow and avoid hooting like it would have been. Hooting scares animals away and limited chances of seeing a lot, keep it calm, and bypass the vehicle ahead slowly without interference. Look ahead and beyond the corners with expectations of crossing game and other road users.

Put down your camera

We perfectly understand how it takes you many preparations and money getting ready for your Self-drive African trip in Rwanda. You got everything bought including the New camera, great big lenses, and binoculars. However, after minutes of shooting, how about consider putting down your treasured camera and get up-close and personal with the wildlife. There is nothing as rewarding as memorizing and having an internal memory looking at this wildlife especially for the Gorillas in Rwanda and more wildlife with your camera away.

Only travel in a vehicle that is well-serviced and roadworthy 

The basics and the checklist for a self-drive safari in Rwanda. This rotates from the car rental company you opted for in your plans of traveling through Rwanda. (We recommend the Best car rental company in Rwanda – Kigali Car Rentals) In Many cases, independent travelers are overtaken by low budget or so cheap car rental rates by companies but forget the fact and condition of the car. Very attractive rental rates are great and saving but the question lies at What kind of car do you get or what is the mechanical condition of the care you receive.
Nothing so legit and perfect comes so cheaply for an inspirational journey in Rwanda. with Kigali Car Rentals. Don’t be caught stuck and messed up with a dangerous mechanical conditioned vehicle in the middle of a beast filled game reserve that will eventually ruin your trip in Rwanda. It is so ethical and responsible for renting a car from legit car rental agencies. 

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