self drive Rwanda car hire and rental tips

self drive rwanda tips with Kigali car rentals
The world is run by knowledge and there is a new theme that has come across the globe-the theme of “Do-It-Yourself.” People have started to acquire several skills that enable them to enjoy life on a normal basis. Self-drive is among those categories fall into the “Do-It-Yourself”. We all love driving cars especially when you are driving in a relaxed mode. Now if you are to enjoy a self-drive car hire in Rwanda, these are some of the factors you should consider.

Decide on the car to choose.

Deciding on the car to choose is one the factors to have a successful self-drive car hire. You would love to drive a car that is clean, affordable, and is in a good mechanical state. For example, if you drive a car without an AC on a hot day, you shall end up feeling uncomfortable and always regretting why you hired such a car. Choose a good car with almost all the amenities that you require. Always ask with your car rental company to see if they have car you are looking for. The best advice I can give is to write down all the car requirements that you want and go check if there is such a car at the car rental company. Always go for what you want because you understand it better.

Know your budget.

You have to be realistic to yourself. Don’t expect a very good car with all the amenities at a cheap price. If you really want to go for a high-end car, prepare your pockets very well because you shall pay a lot for such a car. If you just want a basic car to take you around, don’t worry. You can pick up any car that you want at an affordable price.

Keep right.

In Rwanda, they keep right when they are driving. Always follow the instructions if you don’t want to go in the hands of Authorities. Enjoy your self-drive by simply following road signs and other regulations put forward. Don’t go against such rules as they exist to make your life more pleasant.
Make sure you follow the terms and conditions of the agreement.
Whenever you go for a self-drive car hire, there is always a written agreement that you sign between you and the car rental company. Read through the agreement so well and follow it in order to have a great journey. If you bleach any of the terms and conditions, you shall always be reliable for the bleach of the agreement and you might end up paying highly for the damages. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in such a situation because if you, you shall not enjoy your car hiring.

Ask for car servicing documents.

Make sure that the car you are about to hire is fully serviced to avoid later issues and damages. You can always verify that by asking for car servicing documents with your car rental company. Remember, many times they have such documents and can only be made available if you ask for them. Don’t be afraid to ask, whatever you feel like you should know about the car you are about to hire. Just ask to make your car hiring decision so easy.

Carry some cash with you.

Some people simply think that carrying cash is sometimes a wastage of time but here in Rwanda, carrying some little cash with you shall enable you buy what you want. There are places where you want to buy something and the only thing that is acceptable is physical cash. I have always asked people whether they find it enjoying to eat something while in a car, and a lot of people have agreed with me. Don’t let your people go hungry, give them something to eat and if you are travelling alone, buying something and you later eat it is also a great thing. Sometimes, it is not about eating; there are lots of souvenirs you can buy along the route while you are enjoying a self-drive in Rwanda-this could be reason why you need to carry some cash with you.
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